Severe mold in my room

Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by Muiz, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Muiz

    Muiz New Member

    i don't have a fan in the bathroom but i do have this sort of vent that leads to the outside right above the bath, and in my room the wall i scrubbed feels a lot less damp and more dry, the reason i am so concerned about this now is because i get spots on my face and this may be the thing that is causing it, nobody else gets spots, i am 20 and i should not be getting them now, the mold was right next to my bed where i sleep so it may be that, but if it comes back in a week or month i will call in someone and also get a dehumidifer, and when i am at work i will leave the door open and the window and curtains open
  2. Muiz

    Muiz New Member

    near the cooker there is a hole sort of vent and and in the bathroom too, thing is the radiator in my room doesn't work either and they dry clothes outside, i don't think my mum dries clothes over the radiator, she just places them there but the radiators never go on

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