Sewerage smell from Bath no p trap

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Matthew Lannon Callaghan, Jun 20, 2021.

  1. Please help I need so. Advise. My home is 9 years old and for a few years we have bad sewer smells from the bath drain. Cleaners and bleach etc help slightly but just mask for a day or 2. All sinks and toilets flow fine so no blockages. Behind bath panel no p trap viable just pipe through floor boards so cannot access anything. What can be happening? Broken valve that should stop the smells? Moving out next month and feel bad leaving the smell
  2. kiaora

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    without a water seal, the sewer gas will permeate back in to the home,
    unless it discharges into a hopper, but that's a bad practice, ad will still be smelly !

    good luck
  3. pppmacca43

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    Can you take a photo underneath bath of waste, very unusual for it not to have a trap?
  4. After another inspection under Bath I realised a hepvo Valve has been installed. Could this now be broken? Only 9 years old but we have hammered the drain cleaners over the years with 3 girls in the house lots of hair etc
  5. just pumps

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    ONLY 9yrs old lol. Yes replace it as internal workings probably damaged by drain cleaners.
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  6. Pm
    Haha didn't expect to have to replace anything tbh. Was never told when we bought the new house. Yes read they only garentued for 3 years lol ill get it changed

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