SF Coving - what does size refer to?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Deleted member 33931, May 12, 2018.

  1. KIAB

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    Even a plasterer should be able to do it.
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  2. DIYDave.

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    Easier to fit in some respects to plaster cove as it’s so light weight but slighter shorter lengths at 2.4s so may end up with more joins

    Filling any joints or mitres which are less than perfect is a more fussy job than plain curved cove due to the profile

    Funnily enough, I used a plasterer to fit mine in a couple of rooms as just didn’t have the time myself. He did a great job of plastering, really lovely finish but, the cove ......Nahhhh, pants job, wish I would have done it myself

    Took a couple of weekends to rectify bad joints and mitres and I used Ronseal 2 part woodfiller, sands down fairly easily and polishes to a glass like finish, so really crisp edges on the profile, ready to be painted

    So in answer to your question, if you have a decorator in mind, just ask them if they fit coving and explain what type you have and the finish you expect

    Also.... why ain’t you fitting this yourself ...... you’ve certainly had more free time lately :)
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  3. KIAB

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    Suprised he lasted so long,must have mellowed...:D

    Duropolymer covingc can't better it,lightwight, superb finish, easy to put up, use a non solvent grip adhesive.

    Might find cheaper if you search.:)
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  4. Cheers KIAB and Dave (except for the 'lots of free time' barb...)

    It's for my bro - no surprise. Yes, this poly stuff is superb - I have done my whole house with it - but bro is in London, so I ain't going there for just this.

    He's had his sitting room reskimmed and the old cornice had to come down as it was all loose and broken in parts. I'm suggesting he fits new coving while he's at it 'cos I think it looks a bit bare without. He's about to have a decorator come round to paint a couple of rooms, so hence me asking if most P&Ds would do this as well.


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