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Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by jimbobshu, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. jimbobshu

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    Hi All,

    There is a corner of my small back garden (see pics attached) that never gets any sun, strange as the previous owners decided to put a greenhouse in it. I'd like to build a shed in it, nothing fancy just good enough to store tools, lawnmower, etc in. Thinking it might be roughly 6x4, not going past the tree on the right. As you can see there are tall conifer hedges either side which I plan to butt up against. There also used to be a 20ft oak tree there, the stump can just be seen on the second picture towards the middle.
    I'm looking for advice on how to build the base ( or any other advice people want to give ;-)).
    I live near some woods and quite often get rodents in the garden so Im keen to have a solid base. The main thin I'm concerned about is roots. There is obviously quite a large tree stump in the ground however there are also many hedge roots which I dont want to damage hence why Im not keen attacking the stump with any chemicals.
    Is it would a concrete base, roughly 15cm thick containing some sort of steel work be sufficient ? I'm aware that as the tree stump rots the ground may shift slightly. Its difficult to see in the picture but the ground currently isnt very flat.


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  2. KIAB

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    100mm concrete base is thick enough,add some synthetic fibre to the mix,will strengthen concrete,lessen chance of cracking & shrinkage, etc.


    Leave a bit of space between hedge & shed, so you have room to get in there to paint it as & when needed.

    Got a mate in Colorado, he has a great way to remove stumps, identical to below.

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  3. CGN

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    150mm plenty ample as is so wouldn't bother with reinforcement. You could go less.

    If you're mixing yourself, beg borrow or steal a mixer and mix ballast with a ratio of about 12 shovels of ballast to 1/2 bag of cement. This will be one mix.
  4. collectors

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    Concrete is the best. But if you could get hold of some 2" council paving slabs. These wont make a bad base. What ever base you put in, put some DPM plasic underneath.
  5. jimbobshu

    jimbobshu New Member

    Thanks for all the replies, very useful

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