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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Andy1234, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    I gotta be a bit careful with details though kiab.
    Phil's Mrs will be having me in concrete boots off the side of a boat :eek: it happens :rolleyes:
  2. Andy1234

    Andy1234 Member

    Thanks DWLondon,
    No, not voluntary, just at an attractive price. I would hope that reviews on Facebook etc will reasure customers of their outlay. I've had great input from fellow screwfixers, and if I was to go down this road, I would probably have to scrap the 'full service' approach as in constructing the base, and just supply the panels if profit margin allows. Based on fellow screwfixers' thoughts tho, doesn't sound promising. I will definately start making smaller projects such as Rabit hutches, chicken runs, any pet home etc. I could always test see how it goes from there, thanks again.
  3. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    There is nothing "attractive" about cheap! So I'm told :oops:
    People won't believe in it.
    They just won't.
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  4. Andy1234

    Andy1234 Member

    Hi miss pickle,
    Got in a bit of a pickle with getting personal eh? My mother warned me about ladies like you, he he he.
    It is to stay busy. I am retired through ill-health and have the rest of my life to plan. I do have a passion for wood, I built my son a high sleeper bed which ended up quite an impressive structure if I may say so myself. Not escaping anything. Difficult customers eh? They would have their statutory right to return goods if not satisfied (unless they were custom made) and i'm a pretty laid back guy so i'd be very sensible about difficult customers, also they would have to pay upfront for the materials so no loss there. Already got a mancave. Yep, really OCD, not compulsive cleaning, just that jobs/things have to be done to a certain standard (not botched jobs), no particular items mean anything to me. As I don't need the profit to make a livelyhood, it really is just to keep busy and make a few a few quid on the side for something I like doing. Anything more personal you would like to know, i'd be happy to oblige. I'm pretty nosey too, I just haven't got the confidence to ask people, lol.
    What do you sell then miss pickle?
  5. Andy1234

    Andy1234 Member

    Hey KIAB,
    She said she likes me, so I should get the date!. I don't like competition, especially a Well Known screwfix Member like yourself, lol.
  6. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Ha! I knew it :D

    You are a naughty boy Andy :p

    See :rolleyes: I can spot em a mile off :)

    Only my kiab is a good boy emoticon-cartoon-013.gif
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  7. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Lol its horrible when something isn't real :eek: makes me feel like I've been conned o_O

    Dev!!! I need one of your forum talks, you know the one :rolleyes: the its not real one.

    No rush coz I've just lit the candles and I'm off for a bath, I will read it in the morning. Highly stressed as important week next week so need my early nights and all the rest of it. Having a meltdown today. Anxiety levels through the roof.
    And breathe... :oops:
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  8. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Dev Im having a wobble about this funded scholarship thing coz I'm cynical.

    You don't think it will turn out to be some glorified open day with very very clever advertising do you? :(
    I'm having a panic.
    Its on Wednesday. I was fine right up until last night. Then I went weird and got scared.
  9. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    She has trained for 6 months for the fitness test. The application was approved months ago. They are mega mega strict in the email about references and grades and reports and we've done it, we've got it all! Its not gonna turn into money is it when we get there?
    They make it sound like a special chosen class for this particular course that you can't buy your way into. That's how its put across. I don't see any way of paying for this course even if you wanted too!
    But they do other courses, different courses o_O is everyone going to get a letter saying.
    Oh god ... :(
    I'm going to bath and bed :( be better next week.
    Not gonna panic :cool: no good dealing with ifs and buts. As and when. As and when.
  10. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Do you really have a mancave? :)
    I'm sorry if you are not Dev :oops: I just thought you were.
    I don't sell anything :( I just clean up pooh. I'm really good at it though o_O
    Oh and I can't two time kiab :D sorry.
    Bath is done. Lavender one. Smells nice. And I've had my bedtime milk. Feeling a bit better now. Sorry Andy.
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  11. Andy1234

    Andy1234 Member

    Me? Naughty? never. I'm a good boy too, my Nanna always used to tell me that, also to respect your elders and open shop doors for little 'ol ladies. Can't be nicer than that.:)
  12. sospan

    sospan Screwfix Select

    Why not try making ornate fencing ?

    Much less space required, higher profit margin on cheap materials.
    These panels retail at £55 each and are fairly low quality or something like this[​IMG][​IMG]
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  13. I have been following this thread, Miss P, but it's all been said by others, and well too.

    I do only say stuff when I think it's a valid contribution - or to wind up Wry. Usually.

    It didn't need me to say that £100 profit on a complete shed build ain't a business plan. But if Andy is as fortunate as he says (apart from the ill-health bit) so's he can afford to do this for his own enjoyment and satisfaction, then great. Then, if it works out well, he can make it more realistic - the demand for him will be there.

    I like the 'horse-mount' idea, something I was not aware of and is probably only availble from a few suppliers - at unreasonable money. So, a good possibility there for something different.

    Sorry, Miss P - I have no idea about these grants and scholarships. I mean, I know they exist, but nothing about the area you are looking at.

    From what you say, it sounds legit enough. And if it ain't, then you haven't lost anything - although I'm sure it'll be a blow.

    But if a career in 'orses is definitely what your girl wants to do, then I'm sure there are a number of ways to do it - even if it means a few years of hard graft until she gets herself noticed.

    She is only 16 - blimey, that is young.
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  14. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Your nan sounds nice. I hope you are happy whatever you choose to be making in the future. Be great to show some pics on here. Make the hutches nice and big for the bunnies :D I can't stand to see them all cooped up in them tiny things. Outdoor runs that fold down are also very popular. I bought a large one when Becca was young and I'm pretty sure I paid about £75 for it :eek: many years ago. A local garden nursery I think would buy them off you.

    I like sospans gate :)

    Thanks dev, its the level 2 diploma apprenticeship. Says under the heading, the course is compulsory to be an apprentice jockey. It also satisfies the government requirements of staying in education.
    I know its young :( Newmarket is 5hrs from me as well and its a 14 week live in course followed by a guaranteed 3 year apprenticeship which comes with a full wage.
    Over the 14 weeks you can only see your child for 3 hours on a Sunday :(
    Oh well, its what she wants to do. Its a good job and well paid. She refuses to even think about a different career. They have to have 97 wins under their belt within a matter of years to make it professional. That's why they have to start so young or they would never make it.
    Thanks anyway. It states its free of charge and a must do course so ... I can't see a hidden catch but just makes me wonder why they would give a 6 hr tour and maths and english tests, fitness test and personal interview with the director only to then within 7 days write to a large percentage turning them down! The whole thing does sound a bit brutal :rolleyes: but I will let you know next week if I'm not banned :( sorry Pete. Sorry Andy.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2015
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  15. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    I was just thinking Andy, well Xmas is coming up! Won't people need something nice to put their Xmas trees in? A nice sturdy wooden planter? I don't know coz I don't use real ones, I've still got a white imitation one from when Becca was a toddler and I can't bear to part with it :D but lots of people have the real ones inside and also outside. Maybe you could knock up a batch of those and do a deal with someone who's selling the trees so they can buy it when they purchase the tree :) just a thought.
    Have to go now. Becca has just informed me she needs to practice her strawberry mousse and shortbread for her cooking exam next term :rolleyes: I bet its me clearing up the kitchen. Just as well I love shortbread :D
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  16. Andy1234

    Andy1234 Member

    Hi all,
    I'd just like to thank everyone for their thoughts on my shed business idea.
    I've had so many replies (mostly negative to my idea) but all taken on board. I still think it's a viable business, although i'm not naive in overlooking all the experienced advice on here. When I said I was financially secure, I didn't mean I was a lottery winner or anything (I wish), but I do have a decent monthly pension to live on and some savings in the bank. Basically any business wouldn't need to be too profitable, just something to make it worthwhile and keep me busy.
    Past few days I have been looking at other more feasible options. I have looked into making feather-edge fence panels. I can source feather-edge 1.8m @ £0.84p, but not sure if it's worth it profit wise (plus it would be a little repetitive). I've been looking into making kiddies beds instead. I have built one for my son which I was quite proud of, although I didn't have the chance to give it a nice sanded down finish and varnish as my son was too eager to sleep in it before I could open the tin of varnish! I also made it to fit into an alcove so as to make use of a wasted 14" of alcove space (I hope the pics explain this). Given my new bed idea though, I would have to look into the required safety regulations to conform to. I think my new 'bed' idea would be more feasible? I can also design each one to customers' needs so I can be a bit creative if I wish to. Thank you all for your feedback, it is very much appreciated.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg IMG_20140818_155115.jpg IMG_20140818_155146.jpg
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  17. dwlondon

    dwlondon Active Member

    Looks like a lot of accurate machining for a starter upper, do you mean you assembled it from a kit?
  18. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    That looks nice and sturdy Andy :)
  19. GoodwithWood

    GoodwithWood Active Member

    Bang on. I built one last year for a friend in London. Total was about 11k with a very high spec. He had quotes of around 18k from other companies.

    How about Dove Cotes? Turtle Doves are in the news right now as an endangered species. Team up with a breeder to provide and 'instant Turtle Dove kit' for the environmentally aware. :)

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  20. Andy1234

    Andy1234 Member

    Hi Dw,
    No, not kit form. All made from scratch with redwood timber. It did take a bit of working out, but once you`'ve done one, it would just be a case of adjusting the width to fit into alcove.

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