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  1. IRHM73

    IRHM73 New Member

    Hi, I wonder whether someone could help me please?

    I've recently built a shed which I'm wanting to have an electrical supply installed.

    I intend to run a cable from an existing outdoor socket into the shed with it's own consumer unit.

    The shed will only contain 4 double sockets and 2 led lights.

    Could someone tell me please, would this type of work need a certificate and notification to building regs under Part P?

    Many thanks and regards

  2. pppmacca43

    pppmacca43 Super Member

    Not a spark, but yes I believe it is notifiable work
  3. IRHM73

    IRHM73 New Member

    Hi. Thank you very much for the reply.
  4. pppmacca43

    pppmacca43 Super Member

    No worries. I’m sure one of the electricians on here will confirm 100% for u :)
  5. jonathanc

    jonathanc Screwfix Select

    My view; and I am not an electrician, is that this could be viewed as an extension of an existing circuit so not notifiable.

    however the other aspect is that if you are spurring off an outside socket then I think the consumer unit is over kit and you’ll need to check how the socket is fed before connecting to it. Also I presume you are happy glanding SWA
  6. IRHM73

    IRHM73 New Member

    Hi thank you for your reply. Yes I'm fortunate to be able to call on a family member who although not an electrician would be able to gland the cables, because I know they've done this before.

    Kind regards
  7. jonathanc

    jonathanc Screwfix Select

    But what about my comments on the design of the circuit?
  8. Bazza-spark

    Bazza-spark Screwfix Select

    First thing is to find out if the socket you are spurring from is on the ring. If not and it is already a spur then tough luck, your design has failed. You would need to change that for an FCU.

    You will need to install an FCU and be limited to max 13A across all sockets and lights, so no need for a consumer unit, just another switched FCU with a 3A fuse for your lights.

    Just because your mate has done it before doesn't mean he knows how to CORRECTLY gland SWA.

    It will need an EIC but is not notifiable as an modification to an existing circuit.

    How do you propsoe to carry out insulation resitance and earth loop imedance tests etc to verify your instal?

    What is the length of cable run, size of cable you are installing and earthing arrangement at the house?
  9. IRHM73

    IRHM73 New Member

    Forgive me, I'm certainly not clued up on this, hence the question.

    I'm following the same design as my relative (father), so from a practical perspective I think I'm ok, it's just that he did his installation several years ago so I wasn't sure what the most up to date guidance was.

    Having just seen your guidance and questions @Bazza-spark, I think it'll be a call to a local electrician and I'll let them sort it out.

    So very glad I came to the forum.

    Thank you for all your help.
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