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    I was hoping someone could help me out. I recently bought a 10x6 shed and I am wanting to insulate it to make it nicer to work in during the colder months. My plan was to put rockwool inbetween the joists and then cover with 9mm Plywood.

    However I have been reading up on this and i am seeing people mention breathable membrane and I am wondering if this would be necessary for me and If so would I just staple it to the joists and cladding? Do i leave an air gap? If I was to use foil backed bubble wrap for example would I still need a breather membrane.

    Also once I out insulation into the walls would I need to cover it with a vapour barrier before putting on the plywood?

    Thanks for your help,

  2. I would ply line the floor first. Then use 2 x 1 roof batton for studwork. Sheets of thin rockwool in "cavity", then board with 12mm osb. I fitted 2 trickle air vents, which can be open or closed. I ran a batton around the top of the osb to give it a finished look. Then rehung shelving, which was easy, because you can see where all your battons are, because youve screwed your osb into them.
    It was warm and cosy in winter, and you leave the door open in summer. I ran elec to mine as well, so i could have small heater and Radio in there, as well as power for tools.

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