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    Hi, I posted here a while ago about a shed roof design which you guys helped me with. I am now in the process of constructing it and a little confused about getting the right angles for the rafters. I'm fine with the main rafters and getting the rise etc. but it's where the shorter supports that link on the the rafters at 45 deg as I think I also need to cut the ends to another angle as well to allow for the rise of the rafter. I have never made a roof like this. I do have a compound mitre saw so is it just a case of cutting at 45 deg on one angle and the angle of the rise cut say 60 deg (at the centre line where the rafters meet) on the bevel cut of the saw, my brain hurts....I have cut and paste an image which is something like I am traying to achieve. I have already put in the main 4 rafters at 90 deg to the sides.


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