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  1. ChrisM123

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    I am building a few projects that involve shiplap cladding (rabbit hutch / run / garden projects) and want to potentially invest in a nail gun.

    I am also looking to do some woodworking projects / hobby woodwork etc and think a nail gun may be (a new tool I probably dont need but want anyway).

    So questions...

    Any suggestions?

    What guage is recommended ...

    Any specific models?

  2. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    From your project list you could do with a first fix nailer for the outdoor stuff and a second fix nailer for the workshop stuff. Or a 15 gauge nailer for both but you'll require a compressor as you can't get a 15gauge cordless nailer in this country I believe. It depends on how much you will use it to determine how much to spend.
  3. Red Star Boats

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    Dewalt do a 15 gauge and Hikoki (Hitachi) do both 15g and 16g cordless finish nailers but they are all a bit spendy for diy use.
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  4. robgul

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    Get yourself to Aldi this week - they have a battery nail gun that's perfectly OK (it's the same rebadged machine as lots of others, inlcuding the VonHaus* - it may be sold out online but our local store had 2 yesterday) - AND if it's a shed use staples, not nails. The nails and staples are 18g and available in different lengths (ebay has quite a few suppliers)

    * I've had one of these for a while and can't fault it - been using it for fencing, shed cladding, quite a few pallet wood projects and with brads for some furniture builds as an initial fix/hold while glue dries
  5. Mr Rusty

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    Like you "wanted" rather than "needed" for both a current and planned project. (justified to myself because these days I get wrist/elbow issues after a lot of hammer work :p) Don't get a first fix/framing nailer for shiplap. My experience is it would often just blow through it and will leave scars on the surface. I went for the hikoki framing nailer as it is gasless, and as a DIYer I read that gas models don't like periods of non-use. With no other experience of nailguns, it certainly seems good to me - perhaps a bit heavier than some?. I agree you want a second fix 15/16G nailer for most of what you have suggested, but they will only drive up to about 65mm, so no good if you need 90mm for framing.

    Use with care and appropriate safety precautions (and if you want to put yourself off, search for nailgun accidents :eek::eek:!!)
  6. ChrisM123

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    I have tried the ALdi route but they are forever sold out... read some good reviews and probably just enough for what I need... just cant buy the thing!
  7. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    I did not know that, cheers, I now know what Santa will be bringing me apart from a stinking cold and hangover.

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