Shock arrester and Warranty

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by PlumbyGas, Sep 1, 2021.

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    Good evening,

    Just a quick one as I am not sure where to look. I have been to a customer today who has had an awful Combi boiler installed very recently.
    I was there for a different leak but I happened to run a tap and they have knocking ever since having the new boiler was fitted. I noticed no shock arrestor on the cold inlet to boiler and they recently had a water meter fitted also. I was asked if not having an arrestor would void their warranty on the boiler and I wasn’t actually sure!
    I know its good practice to fit them on pretty much everything now especially with the amount of plastic components in boilers. But does it as a rule of thumb actually void the warranty? Or is it a case of looking through each boilers MIs?

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    for the warranty to be valid it must be installed as per manufactures instruction.
    water hammer, is caused by the pipes not clipped or not secured properly. usually speed-fit or similar ,
    and flexi tap connectors.
    it can be difficult to stop water hammer, it can be a problem ball valve !

    so often an arrester is an easy answer.
    it can be a simple section of vertical 22mm pipe with a solder cap, (trapping air) this will act as an arrester.


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