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    Hi all,
    I have always used the mini expansion vessel type, but the last two I have fitted at home have failed (from a proper supplier not an ebay special) the first leaked around the centre join after a couple of years the latest lasted about a year then the hammer returned, I checked the valve no pressure. As a temp fix I de-pressurised the supply and pumped up the vessel with a footpump. I am wondering if a mechanical one would be a better bet perhaps the Pegler or Caleffi one any thoughts please?

    I also cannot find any wras approved notation on either make which seems odd for well known brands am I missing something?
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    If you have the room, a vertical pipe with a soldered cap will act and a shock arrester, say 15/22and a section of 22 with a cap end, vertical of course,

    mind you renewing the ball valve often stops water hammer ?

    good luck
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    Thank you Peter, I did do that at a previous house and it worked well, but when I had the combi fitted they wanted a shock arrestor in the system. All on mains now.
    Usual culprit washing machine and ΒΌ turn taps!;)
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