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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Not Too Sure, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. Not Too Sure

    Not Too Sure Member

    Had to sand away some flaking paint on my front door (double glazed) and before I paint it a different colour, do I need to fill in the bits where the paint has flaked off and hence left a small pitted spots?

    Wasn’t sure if I need to keep sanding until it was completely flat, or if I had to fill or if I can simply do a couple of coats of paint and they will flatten out themselves?

    thanks for any help.



  2. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Keep sanding.

    Then a few coats of coverstain as high build and de nib between coats to make smooth. I'd avoid fillers and use primer to build out and smooth
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  3. Not Too Sure

    Not Too Sure Member

    Thank you :)

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