Should I fit for M F I??????

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by 2 a week, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. 2 a week

    2 a week New Member

    Hi readers

    So then, i have recently joined forces with MFI as another (outlet) my first fit for them is in a few weeks. but I keep hearing horror stories from other fitters..

    Has anybody fitted for them and if so,then whats the craic?

    I will however be fitting this kitchen as its worth £960 over 3 days. and i dont want to let the customer down.

    Cheers any input will be read with one eye squinted...
  2. !!

    !! Active Member

    give it a bash, better regret something you have done than something you haven't let me know how you get on, I've been thinking of doing the same.

    £960 over 3 days does that include, plastering, plumbing, tiling, electrics and binning the old one
  3. bonnie the botch

    bonnie the botch New Member

    It realy is so very much to do with remeadial payments, in my oppinion . they want you to work to rediculas £25.00 per fit almost regardless of the reason for the delay or damage or shortages or compleate delivery failures. and most of which is not in your control. but if i were you get them to sign an agreement for each remeadial you do when the cost will go beyond £25.00 or refuse to even do it . sounds harsh i know but been there done that. but best of luck
  4. M.I.G.

    M.I.G. New Member

    MFI are now under new ownership

    the original owners are now consentrating on running Howdens.
  5. 2 a week

    2 a week New Member

    Cheers Gonzo it includes plumbing to sink/taps fs wm.
    2x spots and 2xspurs no cooker hob or oven there in other room.
    Srange us northeners?
  6. 2 a week

    2 a week New Member

    Cheers bonnie.

    I know bout the £25.00 and i agree its a p... take. but i,ll give it a go.
  7. 2 a week

    2 a week New Member

    Hi we,ve been informed of the polotics re the takeover.but i,m giving it a go anyway..CHEERS
  8. !!

    !! Active Member

    come on 2 a week we want to know how you got on?
  9. dan121027

    dan121027 New Member

    960 over 3 days thats good for mfi i just done 3 day fit they paid me £610 was gonna walk but didnt want to let the guy down, was fuming!!!!!
  10. loosenup

    loosenup Member

    £200 a day is about average down here ( south wales ) depends on what is involved tho .
  11. 2 a week

    2 a week New Member

    Gonzo..Hi i only started the kitchen on monday 27th but should finnish on wednesday the 29th.

    No probs at the momment only the usual..

    we,ll see what i get paid then i,ll decide if I take any other fits..

    I,ll keep you,s informed..
  12. 2 a week

    2 a week New Member

    Hi Gonz

    No problems at all everything delivered. £960 took me 2 1/2 days plus a bit messing about getting paperwork signed (customer worked lates)
  13. !!

    !! Active Member

    Well done fella nice to hear a positive MFI story
  14. bonnie the botch

    bonnie the botch New Member

    yes welldone mate, but they are good prompt payers anyway. its the remedial payments that your going to have trouble with them in my experiance.
  15. cosworth 266

    cosworth 266 New Member

    ive just started with mfi and stupidly i havnt asked enough questions because i dont know to much about the remedial that the £25 thing.said in interview i may occasionaly get called back to jobs to sort out minor probs but dont know if thats just on my own job tho cos i dont intend fixin some other fitters work.have i got it right or not.some advice please????
  16. 2 a week

    2 a week New Member

    Ask more questions to your ISM then play it by ear .remember they take of your cis contribution for the Goverment..good luck

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