Should my living room radiator be piggybacking off of the entryway radiator?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Luqy91, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. Luqy91

    Luqy91 New Member

    Is this normal? Grey pipes are for entryway radiator (single/120x60cm), and the white coloured pipes go through the wall into the living room (single/tower radiator/160x47cm). We're currently redecorating, so I was wondering if this pipe setup is ok, or if I should have it changed. The living room radiator never used to heat up properly, but I don't know if that's because of the way the pipes are setup, or because we set our Honeywell valves wrong or something. Living room radiator is literally behind the entryway radiator, pipes are 10mm

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  2. John the plumber31

    John the plumber31 Active Member

    Jesus who on earth put that pipe work in o_O has it always looked like that ?
  3. Luqy91

    Luqy91 New Member

    The living room is a garage conversion, we pretty much had to do the whole house up in 1 month as that's how much time we had after selling our old home to move in. There used to be big holes around the pipes but we had them filled in. But I'm thinking that was a mistake now, as they have no room to move.
  4. Mike83

    Mike83 Screwfix Select

    The only way to remedy this is to take the living room pipes back to the manifolds.
    This could prove to be difficult.
    Other option is to have the hall radiator only open ever so slightly. This will ensure most of the flow goes to the living room.
    But the answer to your question is No.
  5. John the plumber31

    John the plumber31 Active Member

    Put the pipe work under the flooring and come up through the floor in copper pipe
  6. Luqy91

    Luqy91 New Member

    That's a no go, the women in the home would go crazy of we drag this redecoration out any more. Digging through the concrete will make quite a bit of mess, especially since we just got the walls, ceiling, and skirting done.
  7. Luqy91

    Luqy91 New Member

    I'm not very knowledge, but I assume the manifold is next to the main boiler? That would be just next door to the living room. My dad said we could reroute the pipes that feed the radiator in the utility room to the living room, since we never use the utility room radiator.
  8. Mike83

    Mike83 Screwfix Select

    The pipes go up inside the walls to the first floor.
  9. Luqy91

    Luqy91 New Member

    Ideally, I would like to have a dedicated run back to the manifold like you said, but it looks like I'll just have to settle with balancing the heat between the two. The entryway radiator was too hot anyway, so I don't mind the living room taking a little more heat.
  10. Kas228

    Kas228 Screwfix Select

    Pretty much guarantee one of the radiators won’t be getting very warm, or you will have 2 x semis (titter titter)
  11. I-Man

    I-Man Screwfix Select

    But the "women" are happy with that pipework monstrosity!? Poor excuse not to do a proper job in your own home!
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  12. Dave does Gas

    Dave does Gas Screwfix Select

    Builders bodge job
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  13. Arthur Dent

    Arthur Dent Member

    Tough! Have it done properly or not at all.
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  14. Peter208

    Peter208 Active Member

    Unbelievable, best one this year!
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  15. John the plumber31

    John the plumber31 Active Member

    :D I couldn’t believe my yes when I saw this. Don’t think I’ve ever seen pipe work that bad lol
  16. dcox

    dcox Screwfix Select

    It would be hidden behind radiators on both sides of the wall though, right?

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