Should shower and washing machine waste go through the same pipe?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Magsie, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. ecoplumbing

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    Yes, that's no problem at all. If its too tricky to install two separate pipes then I can't see any issues putting the washer and shower together. Just fit a good quality shower trap with a 50mm water seal, even 70mm if there's room
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  2. Magsie

    Magsie New Member

    If you don't use the Hep VO valves, would the washing machine stand pipe kit and shower trap be enough to prevent odours?
  3. ecoplumbing

    ecoplumbing Active Member

    As long as you fit the correct traps - 75mm seal for washing machine and 50mm for shower then you won't need any other valves. That water level is enough to prevent smells and any induced siphoning.
    Pay extra and get a quality shower trap though
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  4. The Teach

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    oh its a flat,is that why your plumber/installer is rather reluctant with working on the communal drainage ? Tbh i dont blame them.

    Also its been mentioned the shower trap will be around 800mm from the communal soil pipe,often in flats there can be a lot of falling velocity within the vertical soil pipe. The shower trap needs to keep its water seal.For extreme situations mcalpine do a 80mm water seal shower trap STW10-R
    Something the plumber/installer will know about and order materials to suit :D

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  5. Magsie

    Magsie New Member

    Thanks. Wll speak to the plumber to ensure they have fitted everything as they should.
  6. Magsie

    Magsie New Member

    Thanks, TT.

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