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  1. SPLK14

    SPLK14 New Member

    Hi all,

    Just after some advice regarding installation of a shower. Currently we have a bath which we would like to put a shower over the top of (currently the bath just has a hose shower head), this is temporary solution (12-18 months) until we will refit the whole bathroom (just moved into the house).

    Details of current system:
    - Mains fed cold water to bath, taps etc in the bathroom
    - Hot water fed from a gravity fed HWT which is 100 litre (in cupboard next to bathroom) with 25 gallon CWS above in loft.
    - Boiler is a system boiler
    - Hot water pressure is extremely poor, maybe 4 litres per minute

    We have had one plumber out too look who has informed us that that hot water pressure is not good enough (which I agree with) and if we put a pump in that it would 1) drain the current cold and hot water storage tanks too quickly and 2) wouldn't work because the cold water is mains fed so pressures would be unbalanced. I understand all of this but need to look at what the best solution is, so far I have come up with the below:

    Option 1 - Install an electric shower, currently no electric shower in place so would appreciate any views on how disruptive this is in regards to pipework, running new cables in etc.

    Option 2 - Remove the existing CWS and HWS and install an unvented HWS system up in the loft. The benefit of this would be I see this is a long term fix for when we redo the bathroom. However I don't think the current main water pressure is good enough, how I am best to test this?

    Option 3 - Install a larger CWS (50 gallon) and a larger HWS. Connect the pipework for a shower to the CWS and the HWS rather than off mains and then put a pump on the system.

    Any advice or other options would be appreciated.

  2. terrymac

    terrymac Screwfix Select

    I am assuming that your bath mixer / shower is a manual one ,not thermostatic. Temporary solution to give you a reasonable shower with what you have is to fit a micro pump to the hot supply to the shower. That will give you a shower as good as most electric showers in terms of flow rate.
    Long term ,increase size of hot and cold water storage and fit a twin impeller pump taking hot and cold from pump to thermostatic shower .
  3. SPLK14

    SPLK14 New Member

    Thanks for the advice, yes the current bath is a manual mixer
  4. Jimbo

    Jimbo Screwfix Select

    Aqualisa Quart Digital is a popular choice for this scenario. The 'processor box' (pump) goes in the loft, takes hot and cold from the low-pressure system (i.e. tee'd into existing) and drops down on one pole into the bath. Plus you can likely reuse it with the refitted bathroom.

    If you have enough hot water for a bath you should have enough for a shower. Quoted at 12 litres a minute (but have an eco mode too) typically 37*C, worst case is supplied 50% from hot cylinder (if stored water 65*C & cold 5*C), enough for 16 minutes.
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