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    I need some help in fixing the waste pipe of my new shower cubicle. I took out the old damaged cubicle and now I am in the process of installing the shower tray. However, I am totally confused on what extensions/adapters to use to fix the shower tray trap with my main waste pipe.

    I have attached two photos. The main waste pipe has internal diameter of 38mm (approximate).
    The adapter that is lying next to the trap in the second photo fixes on the trap.

    I can't connect these directly as they are not aligned with eachother so I'd need a flexible extension.

    Could anyone please help me on what extension do I need to connect the two together?


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  2. terrymac

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    40 mm compression flexible waste pipe.such as screwfix code 27334 which is 320 mm long. Or 43713 which is Mcalpine brand and longer ,and better !!

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