Shower leak - source?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Uzri, Sep 14, 2021.

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    Image 01.jpeg Image 02.jpeg Image 03.jpg Image 04.jpg Image 05.jpg Image 06.jpg Image 07.jpg Image 08.jpg Image 09.jpg Image 10.jpg Hoping for some wisdom on how to go about investigating a water leak (I have no plumbing experience whatsoever)

    Have lived in this property for nearly 5 years.

    A few weeks ago, I noticed a small pool of water forming on the floor tiles at the side of shower door (as I have tried to demonstrate with a section of toilet roll in image 01 and 02. I looked at the seal around the shower tray and it seemed to be intact, nevertheless I had a plumber (from check a trade) come and assess. He advised me to replace the seal as it had not been changed during my stay at the property. I did as he suggested.

    Another couple of weeks go by and I notice what feels like 'sponginess' when stepping on the bathroom tiles and also noticed that the tile grout was darker and cracked in places (images 03, 04 and 05 - the lattermost probably best demonstrates this).

    At this point I stopped using the shower altogether out of fear of a major leak.

    I then investigated what was behind the shower head and the wall mounted shower mixer tap. All the pipes are sealed behind tiles. The shower backs on the store room which contains the water heater. There are some pipes that run from the water heater directly into the wall where the shower/mixer tap back on to (not sure what each of these pipes are doing exactly). Taking a closer look, the wall around the white pipe is friable and looks as though it was been leaking at some point, but the wall and the floor underneath was all dry to the touch. (Images 06 to 10)

    I have tried filling up 8 buckets (10litres) and pouring directly down the shower drain (no grout darkness reproduced) and following that tried the same pouring all over the shower tray seal (no grout darkness reproduced)

    As a newbie, I'm not sure where to begin. Do I try and break open the plaster board in the store room around the pipes coming from the water heater, or, do I try an remove the shower tray to see if the leak if coming from drain? Image 01.jpeg Image 02.jpeg Image 01.jpeg Image 02.jpeg Image 03.jpg Image 04.jpg Image 05.jpg Image 01.jpeg Image 02.jpeg Image 03.jpg Image 04.jpg Image 05.jpg
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    Very difficult to tell from pics ,you really need a plumber on site to investigate. What area of the country are you based ?
    That white pipe is connected to the tundish ,which is essentially part of the safety pressure relief system,and should only carry water( connecting to your drainage system) if there is a fault ,which there appears to be ,or has been.Your unvented cylinder / pressurised system should be serviced annually by a G3 certified plumber.
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    Is the floor level and I suspect the door frame might be letting water past.
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    The first thing I would be looking at is the bottom corner of the shower door, and if it’s seeping through there. Hopefully it is, as if so a simple clean up of the old sealant and resealing the outside all around the frame would sort it.
    Dry it out as best u can then get in the shower, close the door and aim the shower head at that bottom corner, and see what happens.

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