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    Which is better riser kit or plywood base.

    I have been let down by my fitter and and have no bathroom I now have the nightmare of a living room full of bathroom units,boxes, timber and sheets of ply. The bathroom has been ripped out ready but I am now going to have to do the job myself and need shower tray installed asap. I have a JT Fusion Quadrant which the fitter was going to install on a 4x2 timber and 18mm ply platform.

    I note that the tray has also been designed to be put up with a riser kit which will be easier. If I use this this can I also prop up with the timber to strengthen it.

    If I put it on a plywood base will the tray not move around as there is nothing fixing the tray apart from a weak bed of mortar which I presume will break down in time.

    Please help.

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  2. terrymac

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    If your tray has been designed for use with a riser kit then go for it. Just make sure the floor in the areas where the feet stand is solid.
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    Thank you terrymac
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    Riser kit x 2
  5. Mr Rusty

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    I've used the fusion riser kit and it works well. As has been said, make sure the floor it stands on is solid. I put down an 18mm ply pad over the boards and stood on that. Using the riser kit makes plumbing easy.

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