Shower screen for eaves bathroom with sloping ceiling

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Solidair, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Solidair

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    On my giant to-do list of issues, also got to fix up a problem with a wee bathroom...

    The existing shower screen doesn't fit properly because of the angle of the ceiling slope, so leads to a puddle beside the bath every time the shower is used. It looks quite like this model: - the 4th panel just bashes the ceiling so has to point outwards at a right angle leading to water spilling out even when you're careful.

    Is there a commercially available solution for this in terms of a screen that can be altered or delivered bespoke? (Have found a couple of ads online for custom glass but am guessing they will cost the same as the rest of our bathroom combined :D).

    The ideal would be glass, bi or tri-fold to make it easy to step in/out but given pretty much all of the pre-made ones are toughened to fit regs, they would probably shatter if I tried to adjust/grind it in any way.

    Another idea was butchering a perspex one as tidily as possible to make it fit but it seem actually hard to find one to buy.

    Has anyone tackled this before? What solution did you use?

  2. ecoplumbing

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    Just a thought, would a local glass firm be able to cut a standard shower door to suit? I've had other glass panels cut before so surely they could cut an angle off a rectangle shower screen
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  3. Jord86

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    The easiest standard solution is to cut neatly into the sloping part of the ceiling and slot the screen up as far as it needs to go, then seal around the aperture.
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  4. Solidair

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    Thanks @ecoplumbing and @Jord86 ! I'll maybe try some local glass firms, the explanations I'd found so far online were that toughened glass needs to be reheated to be reworked so it would be expensive (if possible) but I haven't tested the theory so will try it out. If I was to try the fitting into the ceiling option, due to the way the slope is and the space there is to play with, it would mean that we'd have to crouch and clamber in the low end of the eaves to get in the bath and then walk toward the tap end as we stand up (like one of those evolutionary man images :D ).

  5. CGN

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    Had a similar problem but with a shower tray. Sorted in the end but did consider the custom route of buying an off the shelf door, using the frame and getting a new piece of glass made up. Toughness glass can’t be re-cut as mentioned, but I think I was quoted about £150 to have a piece custom cut. Was about 5 years ago now though.
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  6. Solidair

    Solidair New Member

    Thanks @CGN that sounds promising! Cheapest prices I’d seen suggested so far for custom glass are nearer triple that so perhaps if I shop around.
  7. ecoplumbing

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  8. Solidair

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    Thanks @ecoplumbing yeah, that would be ideal I just can’t find one that has a sharp enough radius, so far they’re all too gradual, and some don’t fold which given tight space anyway would make it tricky to enter the shower.

    The link you shared is pretty close to the design in place just now so if I get the 4th panel out and an angled cut across the top (and panel width reduced a touch so the frame could still close neatly at the new downward) it might work.

    Failing that, I’ve seen another folding design with separately hinged glass panels (rather than in a frame) and I could maybe get a custom end panel made up to switch in if I can find someone to do what @CGN had done.

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  9. NoOhmToGoTo

    NoOhmToGoTo Active Member

    Have you considered a sliding screen instead?

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