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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by frank holt, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. frank holt

    frank holt New Member

    A friend is thinking of having a steam/shower cabin installed. I was wondering what you all thought of them. I seem to remember them getting a bit of a slating on here not long ago.
  2. Stuart Jnr

    Stuart Jnr New Member

    Depends on who's you use.

    How mcuh is your mate wanting to spend
  3. howlsatthemoon

    howlsatthemoon New Member

    i've installed a couple that were in the 2500-3000squid bracket and they were absolute rubbish. absolute sods to fit, cant remember a specific make but i seem to think that they were italian made. all clear hose and jubilee clips with electric cabling hung in stupid/dangerous places and tiny flexible waste pipework. i had no end of leaks on the one and the manufacturers agent came several times to the other. i'd not be keen to get involved again.
  4. Stuart Jnr

    Stuart Jnr New Member

    Teuco is probably the best manufacturer of steam cabins in the EU... Theyre Italian made, and they start around £2000 and go up to about £20000 depending on specification
  5. howlsatthemoon

    howlsatthemoon New Member

    i'm sure they were italian made that i fitted, the one was bought from a uk company (somewhere in gloucestershire) and badged as their own kit.
  6. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    I have never seen a decent one yet, even the expensive ones are flawed.
  7. Stuart Jnr

    Stuart Jnr New Member

    Im genuinely not saying this to be argumentative but I've been installing Steam Units for years ( i still get paid to repair them) and in my opinion the most common fault is with the installer.

    However, I do believe that the pigeon English used in the instructions doesn't help.
  8. Stuart Jnr

    Stuart Jnr New Member

    Im not talking about the cheap plastic ones that retail at £500, i do mean the expensive top of the line ones
  9. doing a bit

    doing a bit New Member

    one i did a couple of years ago was from a big DIY warehouse, no idea what make but had a few problems since the install, cracked overhead shower head and leaking body jets, as said clear hose and crimped clips
  10. chris roast

    chris roast Member

    they *****, worst thing ever, all built in china out of recycled baked beans cans
  11. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    All steam cabinets are flimsy rubbish, some are very very flimsy rubbish!:)
  12. Stuart Jnr

    Stuart Jnr New Member

    The ones made out of PVC are... But theres some very good glass and alu frames steamed units out there.
  13. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Never seen one I must admit! All I have ever come across is Chinese rubbish - some costing several thousands! Which I am usually removing!

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