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  1. BOB.T

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    Not sure if this question has been asked but I am doing up my bathroom and replacing the bath with a shower tray. Problem is with shower tray fully raised the bath outlet on the soil pipe is still about and inch higher than the shower waste pipe. Is there an easy fix for this or will I need to cut some floorboards away to get in and fit a boss lower than original one so I can then run the shower pipe lower. It will be hard to get in to fit he boss as it's in a tight spot. Also if I have to put a new hole in the soil pipe how do I close the old one off. Do I just put a blanking end on it. Hope someone can help. Just a bit of a pain for such a small height difference. I cannot pull up all the floor as it has been tiled. Thanks

  2. nigel willson

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    send some pics!!, you've Noe learnt don't tile floor tile other works done 1st
  3. just pumps

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    New lower boss and blank off the pipe.
  4. BOB.T

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    The floor was already tiled. The only bit not tiled is a border round the soil pipe box. I would not have tiled first. Although going by other rooms I would need to have cut into joists to run the pipes so not really a good idea anyway.
  5. BOB.T

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    Yeh I thought so. Just thought maybe there was a kind of trap I could have put at the soil pipe end to lower it a bit. I shallow trap would have fitted just perfect but I assume you cannot fit one at the soil pipe end or something like that. It does need to be a straight length going to soil pipe then???. Thanks anyway.
  6. CGN

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    New boss mounted lower unfortunately as already mentioned.
    The other option depending on layout is to take the pipe straight out the wall and then into the stack externally...obviously depending on what you've got.
    I see plenty of bodges reg waste pipes, don't do it. A lot of water from a shower, needs to flow :)
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