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    Hi.I am replacing bath with 0.8m x 1.2m offset quadrant.I have stripped all old tiles and walls are really clean and sound.Below bath level needs bringing up to wall level.
    a/ Does the shower area need 'tanking' prior to tiling
    b/how would you level below bath section
    c/What 'ball park' price bracket
    forgot to say,this is off of a fixed raised tray and 2m tall shower and no shower fitted (Plain wall)

    thanks in advance,
  2. CGN

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    I'd tank it. Ever build brush on tanking kit, about £35 off eBay.

    How much do you have to build up? Photo?
  3. gswainyboy

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    Hi CGN,
    Ive had 3 tilers round off myBuilder and all said totally different so thats why Im back.I would say difference is about 10-12mm.Pics are not very good,sorry.
    Prices vary but start at £200. This is 50ish tiles on 2 straight walls.Im not tight but am being treated like an a....le. One even suggested doing it today,although tray will not be here until tomorrow,battening it at bottom,tiling wall,then coming back and putting in bottom row on friday when tray was here DSCN1032.JPG DSCN1032.JPG DSCN1034.JPG

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