Sigma 3 Trade Kitchens???

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by fredrickskitchens, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. fredrickskitchens

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    First post on anything like this so here goes (BE KIND....) Had a flyer through from Sigma 3 Trade last week???, didn?t realise they had even opened a Trade side to the business. Had a call off thems a few days ago too. Spoke to a guy called Dean or Dan i think, who seemed to know his stuff, unlike some of the other muppets i tend to speak to. I told him i was a customer of Howdens and wasn?t interested, but he told me to send him a spec for a kitchen I?m working on that i?ve got a quote for. Sent me some prices back which all in all seem very good, been along to their factory thingy in Llantrisant, looked at their showroom setup and all seemed good to me. Ended up opening an account with them. Fingers crossed they can provide me with costs like that for all my builds and i?ll be a very happy chap...Anyone else had any info off these guys, and has any you lot bought a kitchen off em yet?? Am tempted to get something basic like just to compare it to Howdens stuffs, but wanted to see if anyone on ya had tried them out??? Only stuff i can find is on their website ???
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    Awrite mate, didn;t see your name on the above post sorry. Had the same leaflet through the door last week, and yeh like you didn?t know they had opened that up? The guys name is Dean, who from memory is their Trade Sales Manager i think. He came out to see me on site as i don?t have time to get up to Llantrisant. Had a gander at his brochure and filled in the paper work to open up an account, which i believe after the call back on Monday, it?s been approved....Happy days
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    Rob - Thanks for the reply. Customer can;t make their bloody minds up at the moment, so still waiting to place order...Started off looking at the Ivory Gloss, but some how they changed their minds to Oak ? Bit random i know, but guess it;s their kitchen end of the days.

    John - why have you posted a picture of a SPAM on my post ?
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    Dearest John, Just had me son explian to me what "SPAM" means in the internet world. No offence but how can you consider a straight up question to be "SPAM" ? Had my son to look through you profile on here and he can see that you are one of the moderators (if thats correct??)

    Have 15 years carpentry experience behind me, and with the amoutn of times wasted due to missed parts, damaged worktops, broken hinges to name a few things and being a self employed fitter. When a company with the reputation such as Sigma 3 comes into the market with a TRADE offering then yes i am very interested in finding out more about the offering and wanted to see if anyone on this screwfix forum has any experience with them. Which is the reason behind joining a good forum.

    I think alot of fitters would agree with me on here. I have to build in at least a days working time with the customer just to take into plan the amount of time i have to wait for missed parts and returning to site to fix the problem that people like Howdens etc give me. But down here in South Wales, we don't have that much choice at the moment...

    So if the above SPAM picture is aimed at me please get your facts right before posting against a geniune quesiton....

  6. periscope

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    Fitted a S3 kitchen last year.

    In my opinion, I would rate them as upper mid range quality. Delivery was fantastic. The van arrived with TWO drivers on board and they unloaded everything, I just told them where to place the stuff. Cabs were very well wrapped and the whole thing went like a dream. If they can keep up that quality then I couldn't recommend them highly enough.
  7. joinerjohn1

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    Fredricks, forgive me, First of all, may I point out that contrary to what your lad thinks, I'm no moderator. Sorry about posting the pic, but I'm a little bit long in the tooth and perhaps jumped the gun. Your first post on here and straight away, you provide a link to Sigma3, you've been to their factory and already opened up an account with them.
    Having been on this forum for a long time (longer than my profile would have you believe) (you'd have to read through a few posts on here to see the reason why) I've seen first time posters providing links to their own companies (believe me it has and still does happen)  Up to now, the only other people to reply to this post, are all first time posters as well. So it does seem perhaps a bit suspicious. It's not unknown for people to make multiple usernames/accounts  and promote their own company/product, here in internet land. It has happened on here.
    Anyway, the proof I suppose is in the pudding. Do keep us informed if your experience with Sigma3 lives up to the initial enthusiasm your showing.  I have found most suppliers have problems with at least some aspect of kitchens Whether it's design, quality or delivery (believe me I've had all three)
    Anyway, if I've caused any offence I apologise and hope you will keep posting here. The banter is good and some posters have a great sense of humour. ;)

    PS I have noticed that Mod1 has been busy with the scissors on my initial post. ;)
  8. swcontractfitter

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    Hi All a few interesting comments. Over the years I have fitted many many kitchens in South Wales and in the last 3 years I must have fitted about 7 or 8 sigma 3 kitchens only because my clients have done deals direct with the showrooms.  I wouldn't  normally push a client in to a retailer as it kills my profit but when a client purchases there own kitchens I have to roll with it. But I have to say the quality of the sigma kitchens I fitted was good and everything arrived on time. Normally I'd use howdens and over the years the service has been reasonable and the units ok but plenty of choice and cheap. Now ive read the blog and seen that sigma are entering in to the trade I might have to give them a call.
  9. periscope

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    Good points made, JJ. I would guess that one of the 'first time posters' was me, no problem with that.

    I stand by what I said, my experience was very good. I would be interested in what the experience of future trade customers would be. If it matches up to what I personally felt then I would be interested in then deal on offer. (Mind, I live in France now, so that might be a slight difficulty!)    

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