Sika Latex SLC and Setcrete High Performance Floor Levelling Acrylic Primer

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  1. Leo007

    Leo007 New Member

    Hi all,

    DIY novice here!

    long one shortish. I’ve ground back my garage floor to prep ready for self leveling/smoothing. I’ve bought sika latex SLC, but can’t find the right primer.. time constraints mean I need it now!
    Looked on the forum and it appears Setcrete acrylic primer will work.. am I right?

    it’s a double garage (posh!,) half is going to be a gym for my daughter the other to store my car so will finish both in different ways.

  2. Leo007

    Leo007 New Member

    Hi… I used my brain!
    I took back the Sika and bought the Setcrete primer and latex self levelling!
    Just finished… I’m quite proud of it!

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  3. Leo007

    Leo007 New Member

    Hi all…. Well that hasn’t gone well!
    The Setcrete latex can’t be over painted.

    So.. long shot and wonder what you think:
    Use the Setcrete Acrylic primer over it and then paint?

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