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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Ad_Stewart, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Ad_Stewart

    Ad_Stewart New Member

    Looking for advice from anyone who has used sika waterproof coating

    I have a concrete floor in the kitchen which looks to have a failed DPC. When I removed the tiles (2 layers!) the concrete was very damp and it has never dried in 4 months.

    I’ve ‘painted’ 2 coats as instructed but after nearly a week there are still dark patches. Is the coating still in the process of drying out (I assumed it was waterproof once set?) or is it just the result of being in contact with a damp surface when applied?

    (First picture is before)

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  2. Bill Bog

    Bill Bog Member

    If it had worked, it would be dry by now. Can you check the manufactured date as the reviews for the product say it must be used within 6 months of this and some were sold beyond this date so the stuff was useless!
  3. Ad_Stewart

    Ad_Stewart New Member

    I was careful to check that after reading the reviews, it was all in date.
    I’m considering buying another tub and doing another coat just in case it’s due to a thin patch. That area was the worst part where I think the slab DPC failed.

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  4. Bill Bog

    Bill Bog Member

    I'm just going by the reviews too Ad.

    It isn't expensive stuff, so giving it another go seems like the best bet unless someone recommends a better alternative. I always thought Sika was a good make though.

    Does the existing coat feel as though it's set ok? It's not powdery or anything?
  5. Ad_Stewart

    Ad_Stewart New Member

    Update for anyone whos still interested!

    despite the discolouration a 3rd coat did the job, when I poured a layer of self level over the top it dried out nicely.

    I contacted sika (ever build) in the mean time who expressed concern that the 2nd coat was applied 5hrs after the 1st, despite the data sheet actually recommending this. Not a great deal of help.
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  6. Richard_

    Richard_ Active Member

    Thanks for the feedback. Often we never find out what happened once people have fixed their problems
  7. Ad_Stewart

    Ad_Stewart New Member

    I’m always thinking of the person like me who’s researching and needs to know the end result!
    In retrospect I’m not sure the extra coat was necessary, the rep from everbuild couldn’t explain the discolouration but once the self level concrete was dry there certainly wasn’t any dampness coming up.

    I’m now into other problems but that’s another story....

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