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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by nthlevel, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. nthlevel

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    As i was installing a flex cable with valve moments ago i fitted it and decided to flush the toilet. To my disbelif i noticed that the nut under the toilet tank was dripping. It must have been doing it for months without me ever noticing but i am 100% sure when i replaced everything in the bowl this was not dripping then.

    Anyway i suspect it to be the rubber washer or the metal plate, there must be a hairline crack somewhere which is causing it to drip.

    I have found the coupling kit on screw fix but all i really need is the plate and the rubber washer. I cannot for the life of me find these as seperate items on screw fix. The reviews for the kit are also mixed, mainly due to the metal plate being extremely thin,

    I was thinking as a quick fix to use sealant with the rubber washer to give it more volume? Would this work?
  2. surfermick

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    i would recommend "plummers mate" you can fill the cistern straight away and its a lasting seal, where as with silicone you have to wait for some hours before filling.
  3. nthlevel

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    Do you have a link to this plummers mate?
  4. joinerjohn1

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    Is this a close-coupled toliet? I reckon you just need the large rubber doughnut type washer. The close-coupling kit on SF is only £3.99p anyway. I don't think that's going to break the bank. ;) ( far cheaper than geting a plumber out)
  5. surfermick

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  6. nthlevel

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    the one screwfix sell the comments as mentioned inthe orig post state that the metal plate is extremely thin. thanks surfermick i will check it out
  7. nthlevel

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  8. diymostthings

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    B and Q sell all these items as seperate parts- but in my experience, quite pricey.

  9. Aaronhardie

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    Close coupled sets with this washer and metal plate doesnt hold any water as such, the bolts hold the cistern to the pan and the doughnut washer stops water leaking out when you flush the toilet, but its very common for condesation to ocuur at the bolts, as its the lowest part of the cistern this is where the condensation drips from!
  10. nthlevel

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    ok i fixed it, after using plumbers mait ott around the tank etc it was still leaking on flush. this basically means that it must be a problem between the bowl and the toilet it self, so i plumbers mait around the rubber seal which the toilet sits on, it must be splash back from letting water from the tank go.

    Well after using plumbers mait with rubber ring stopped the dripping around the bolt dead

    Overall plumbers mait is amazing stuff and for me beats silicon, its easy to use like putty, doesnt try and extremely easy to work with. I can easily remove whatever and work with it rather than messing around re-applying silicon.

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