Single point of isolation?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by MGW, Sep 19, 2023.

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    I have heard people say there should be a single point of isolation, then I look at my new install, one isolator turns off whole house except for two double RCD sockets and a FCU supplying the central heating.

    And also there are two DC isolators for the solar, a AC isolator for the inverter output, a new consumer unit not a clue what it is for except connected with solar panals, and on the inverter upload_2023-9-19_10-39-28.png a DC switch. So if I want to replace the FCU with a RCD FCU for the central heating how do I isolate it? The DC switch can not be reached due to a battery being in front of it. The FCU clearly marked EPS supply, but as yet only the compliance certificate has arrived, oddly before the work was completed.

    OK I have worked live before, but not really what one should do.
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    Single point isolation is required in G99 I think?

    Have a look in the inverter manual for eg DRM. I have some MK Grid face plates made up “Solar Run Stop” if there is the facility to set something up.
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