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  1. Pigkeeper

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    I am an experienced kitchen fitter. I want to replace a stainless steel sink. It will not be possible to use a sink which needs access to fixing clips from underneath.
    I once used a sink which had fixed clips on the side which gripped the sides of the cut-out when the sink was pushed in from above.
    I can’t remember the make or model.
    Can anyone help?
  2. kitfit1

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    Astracast used to make a stainless steel sink with grab clips years ago, but they don't now.
    What you could use is a Blanco stainless steel sink. Most of them have a flat rim all the way around, so the only way to seal them to the worktop is to use silicone anyway. They do come with fixing clips, but our usual method of fixing is to bin the clips and just silicone the sink to the worktop. A 110 transformer in the bowl and another one on the drainer does the job. Obviously clean all the silicone "squidge" away with big wipes and then leave it overnight. Jobby jobbed :D
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  3. joinerjohn1

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    Yep as kitfit says, silicon it down. Use as much weight round the edges to keep it flat overnight. Jobs a good’un . Last kitchen I fitted a year ago I had no possibility of fixing the sink before dropping the worktop on the base units, due to the weight and shape of the worktop ( and very limited manoeuvring room) so that was stuck down with silicon on the advice of the plumber.
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  5. kitfit1

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    Can only apologize to the OP for not spotting this. Must admit though, i never looked for a spring clip sink because Astracast stopped doing them years ago and at the time no other manufacturer made one. I would still have a very close look at Blanco sinks though OP for your needs. Franke are very overrated and even more overpriced for what they are.
  6. Pigkeeper

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  7. Pigkeeper

    Pigkeeper New Member

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks, that exactly what I’m looking for.
    Oddly, I contacted Franke who said they didn’t make anything like I described!!!
    Best Wishes

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