skim going off too quick, help please

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by acab, Jun 2, 2012.

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    hi all..... any advice would be much appreciated.
    i have been plastering for over 10 years now and have never had such a draw from surfaces like my new house...... its a pre-war property with browned and skimmed walls. ive skimmed most of the house already and struggled my tatters of doing so. but now its onto the big gauges of the hall stairs and landing. with the rest of the house ive tried putting on 3 50/50 pva water coats and even painting the walls first before pvaing and skimming but it still draws like rolf harris on speed (as soon as i slap a hawkfull on its going off rapidly like the skims outta date by a year. ive heard you can add a bit of pva to the water before mixing and also fairy liquid but never had to do so. i am not slow at all, but no one is fast enough for this haha..... would the pva or fairy liquid work? would the fairy erode the skim after a few years like brick mortar?   any of you long time lads with experience with this please please share the knowledge! cheers lads!
  2. Have you tried other products prior to skimming, such as Febond Blue-Grit or Thistle Bond-It.
  3. acab

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    i was tiling a bathroom recently and i used an acrylic tanking you paint on the walls which stopsthe damp penetrating ......... i was thinking of using this as it would put a decent barrier between the walls and new skim...... the tile adhesive goes off nice and slow with that..... what do you think? and no i havent tried any of those mate. cheers for the help bud. which would you use for such a wall?
  4. Although probably the dearest, Id go for the blue grit.
    As the name says, blue, its easy to see where you have painted/rollererd on the wall.
    Fine particles of grit for better key.
    Can be applied day or 2 before skimming.

    On another note, I have heard from a few spreads a handful of board adhesive in the mix slows down the setting time, Ive never tried it.
    Have a read up on sbr, its brilliant in any cement work, waterproofer, similar to what you said, seals and prevents cracks, it might be okay with plaster.
  5. nearnwales

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    you'd be fine with SBR as its latex based and not water based like pva . depending when in the world you are the walls could be lime based or like where I am in south wales coal based so you have to seal it right . The blue grit I dont like its to grity for me It's a pain. a stronger pva would help also put sbr is the best but its not cheap.

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