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    audi you are misunderstanding this. What I am querying is that JT Builders is saying that the best policy flooring wise to bead so that the floor can be taken up in the future. This is a load of nonsense. What he is saying is that given the option of beading or skirting over the top then beading is the way forward. This is wrong. Sure if you go somewhere where the skitings are in then beading may be the best choice(I always strongly advise new skirtings) but if you walk into a new flat bare shell tommorrow to measure up, would you advise your customer to skirt it floor it and then bead it so that they can take the floor up in the future. Of course you wouldnt you would advise to floor it then skirt it. Neat job looks right. Advising people like JT Builders is to actually choose beading when the option of skirting is there is wrong
  2. lamello

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    And yes JT Builders if someone rings me up I will say best plan is to remove skirtings and replace afterwards. Makes for a better job. Why are you worrying about carpeting. A good laminate should last years and years
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    I see what you are saying and yes in a bare shell it would be floor down, then skirting.
    Also i agree that putting skirting on first because you are thinking of the future is a load of cr@p.
    No one would compromise a current job to make the next one, maybe years down the line easier.
    How about rewiring your house with suface mounted cables incase you want to alter it in a few years!
    Nah the choice of beading vs skirting is either price driven or ill thought out decorating where the room is complete and the floor is the last thing to go down.

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