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    I asked this on the Builders forum but should have asked this here.

    A couple of years ago I built a garden wall round a small courtyard for a friend and used 400 X 400 mm India slate paving (about 20 mm thick) as the wall capping. All was well until a mini digger recently hit the wall and dislodged a few of the slates.

    The slates were bedded on a 4:1 sand/cement mix and this has remained completely in tact and is rock solid. I was really surprised to see how clean the underside of the slates were and assumed that only the grouting held them in place.

    Rather than try to knock off the sand/cement mix could a silicone or contact adhesive be used to stick the slabs back on then re-point with sand/cement? If I have to take the whole lot off then I will in order to keep the levels the same. If I relay them is there anything better than sand and cement?

    Any advice would be VERY much appreciated,


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