Slight Chips on Porcelain Paving - Advice Please

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by AliasJules, Aug 5, 2022.

  1. AliasJules

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    We had some porcelain paving installed, and most of the paving stones are fine and they have done a great job. There are a few that when cut by the installers, have very tiny chipping at the edge (see photo).

    Aestheticly I am not worried, as it's barely noticeable, as the paving is a natural textured finish and you'd have to get on your hands and knees to see it.

    I'm just concerned, will these tiny chips compromise the durability of the tile at all, will they start to crack or will dirt get stuck etc?

    Thanks for the advice

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  2. I would be inclined to say its just grout holding in the texture of the tile, because generally you wouldn't lay a cut edge against a factory edge, unless your creating a fall like in a shower tray. Nothing to be concerned about imo.
  3. koolpc

    koolpc Screwfix Select

    Thats nothing to be concerned with.
  4. AliasJules

    AliasJules New Member

    Hi, thanks for the reply

    It's not grout, but tiny little chips along the edge. Unfortunately, they had to cut bigger tiles down to use in the pattern, as the supplier didn't have enough of that size for the order, and the job was time sensative.
  5. Well they've done an excellent job

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