Slim Tall Unit next to Deep Base Unit - Panels & Countertop Issue

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by lokkie, Nov 30, 2019.

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    I have come to a standstill over deciding how to handle my current issue!

    I have a slim tall unit next to a full depth base unit and can only see one way to ensure I get a square worktop in place.

    I need to put a full height end panel on the tall unit and an extended part on the base unit to hide the carcasses.

    - If I put a full length panel on the tall unit, and another piece extended out to cover the base unit, when the worktop goes on, it will extend out to the side of the base unit by 18mm to sit on top of the panel, meaning the worktop will have an extended piece coming out 300mm deep, 18mm extra wide.

    I could put a full length panel on the tall unit, and a full depth panel on the base unit allowing for a square worktop, but then there will be a visible double panel next to tall unit (this will extend up the wall unit also).

    What is the usual way of finishing this type of configuration - any other alternative ideas?


  2. kitfit1

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    I need to ask a few questions here. Is this a victorian Terraced house with the usual kitchen and bathroom exstention on the back of the house ? So that makes it a "galley kitchen" ?
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    No, 1970's 3 bed, square kitchen at the front of the house, but knocked the wall down to open it into the old dining room, so now an 'L' shape.

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    There actually isn't any "normal" way of dealing with this, because the whole thing is bad detail and design. The way i would deal with this depends on a few things, the first being do you have 18mm to spare on that run and the second being are you going to using a canopy hood ? If the answer to both is no, what i'm thinking won't work.
  5. lokkie

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    Because of the doorway (hidden in the photo), we had to go for slim units butting up to deep units, but yes, the one thing I didn;t think when designing was this end panel issue.

    I do have 18mm spare (but I will need 36mm as this issue is replicated on the other end also). And I do have 36mm available (there is a switch in the way but I'm resigned to having to take this out (not a big issue)).

    The wall units butting up to the tall units and bridging along the top will be - Slim Wall Unit - Slim Microwave Housing Unit - Slim Wall unit.
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    Thanks Multi, that is the one of two ways I had in mind, I just wasn't sure if it would look right having that small 18mm extended on to the top of the decor panel - is this the standard way it would be done, and what do you mean by 'notched'?

  8. Multiskillmaster

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    You’re welcome. You have to do the thing that looks right, especially if the design is out of the norm.
    So the full height decor panel is l- shaped ...that means 18mm needs to be cut off the back ‘half’ of the worktop, letting the front sail over the decor panel..finishing flush so allowing for doors to open either way. ...if you leave it short by 1.5mm..the glue on work top edging should be spot on flush with panel face. ‘if nobody has to take a double look, it’s right’
  9. lokkie

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    OK, that' s probably what I'll do then!

    It will be a quartz worktop so when I get the guys out to measure I will just tell them to finish it flush.

    As I can;t cut a finished edge in an L shape, I was going to do a full depth base unit end panel, and get the tall end panel to come down and sit on the bottom panel. Where they meet will be hidden by the worktop.

  10. Multiskillmaster

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    Brilliant that will work well, sorry I forget that not having the ability to cut and edge the decor panels would be a problem. ( it was late )But yes to halve it would be perfect, And an easier job all round. The quartz will look great flush.
  11. WillyEckerslike

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    If you're going for a framed look the vertical joint will be on display where the taller and shorter decor panels meet (below the worktop). You will need to notch the taller panel so that the vertical is behind the line of the carcass and cut the shorter panel oversize to compensate. All the joints will be hidden behind the carcass or under the worktop.
  12. lokkie

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    Hi willy, if I do the base unit panel full depth, and sit the tall unit panel on the top of the base unit panel, then would this not remove and vertical joins. There would just be horizontal joins which would be hidden by the worktop?
  13. WillyEckerslike

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    Yes. Doh! Missed that, sorry.
  14. lokkie

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