Slow cooked chicken curry.

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Crowsfoot, Sep 30, 2008.

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  2. Crowsfoot

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    Burlington Bertie,
    When you learn how to do a proper Vindaloo (with no 'healty ingredients') I will be happy to seek an invite

    You should be so lucky (to be invited round for a portion of my healthy curry)!
  3. Crowsfoot

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    thanks for the invite tapwrench, put plenty chips on mine, oh and have about 24 cans o stella on ice cheers

    Mmmm, not sure about all that Stella, there's a lot of calories in there.
    Tell you what I'll get a couple of cases of the low calorie carling C2 lager in. Will that will be OK?
  4. Crowsfoot

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    Well wheres todays recipe :(

    I've had fish cakes with parsley sauce,surely you don't need me to tell you how to make that!
  5. Burlington Bertie

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    Tapwrench, I get the impression I will not get an invite to partake in the culinary delight you are currently preparing. I could award you Michelin Star ( I got some from my local tyre supplier)
  6. Crowsfoot

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    ( I got some from my local tyre supplier)

    Whatever gave you that idea sir?
    I'll prepare you a lovely table right by the window which has a lovely view of the trout stream and water-mill right by the bridge and the over hanging weeping willow were it's always sunny.

    Michelin Star eh!
  7. Burlington Bertie

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    Only thing is, you may have to learn to f and blind better than with Gordon Ramsey before I can award you the star
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    Why don't you two's get a dining room?
  9. jimbobby

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    That recipe sounds awful.
    Start with base mention of oxo cubes in any recipe i have ever seen.
  10. FlyByNight

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    It really has been slow-cooked, over 15 years!
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    Probably a penicillin culture by now! :confused:
  12. Tuxmark2

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    Maybe if the OP actually plugged it in it would be cooked by now, always pays to RTFM !
  13. FlyByNight

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    @Crowsfoot is still a member and here a week back - maybe he can tell us what it now tastes like.
  14. Tuxmark2

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  15. Coloumb

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    Oxo cubes in a curry? In a CURRY? Not just one but two??? Stroll on my Son!

    I'm back peddling all the way home!
  16. Tuxmark2

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    Could be worse, it could have been gravy granules.. sheesh.

    Anyone cooking that is and presenting it as a curry should grab a spatula and commit hairy curry in shame.
  17. WildCat

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    You start a curry with hot oil which you flavour with hard spices eg cardamom and cinnamon/cassia.

    Other flavourings include fenugreek.

    If you really want a curry flavour you add curry leaf.
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