Small’ish area of cladding - couple of q’s

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    Hi all,

    I’ve posted a couple of questions about this but I think I put them on the wrong forum so any help would be much appreciated!

    I’m cladding the upside down L shape pictured below in osmo stained black softwood battens (21x70 planed). It’s newly constructed, insulated etc faced with medium density blocks. Cladding is for aesthetics only.

    I know 2 x 2inch battens are the norm, but I don’t want the cladding to stick out too much. So my build up is:

    1. layer of breather membrane (to be sure)
    2. 21mm x 50mm treated counter battens
    3. 21mm x 50mm treated battens
    4. 21mm x 70mm treated planed softwood facia, oiled.

    I think this should be fine, and will ensure airflow around the back of the cladding with the counter. I’m using planed square edge cladding and will have a 5mm gap between each board also.

    screws - for the counter battens to block I’ve bought 4 x 50mm. I believe these will match up with yellow plugs. If I put these at 400mm intervals will that be sufficient? Are yellow plugs ok in blocks? They just seem quite ‘small’ but assume I don’t need to go overboard?

    Any input appreciated!

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