Small space under built in oven - how to fill?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by SteveMJ, Oct 28, 2013.

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    I have fitted a kitchen in my son's house with his help.

    Under the built in oven is a 100 mm gap (see photo). I was intending to just cover this with a piece of panel to match the remainder of the units.

    However, the space has been found to be useful for baking trays etc. He wants to just leave it as it is - open. I think this adversely affects the kitchen's appearance and I would like some better alternative.

    I was thinking about a drop-down flap with a latch (press open press close type) or with stays at the side. However I've not seen stays that will suit the small gap.

    What have you guys done to suit this sort of small gap in this situation?

    Thank you, Steve

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  3. DIYDave.

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    As teabreak has suggested, get a matching drawer pack and use just the drawer front (hopefully it will fit) ?
    Attach using two flap hinges and secure like you say with an auto latch
    Matching handle on drawer front and jobs done

  4. Similar idea to above, but replace the existing base door under the oven with one the same height as the door to its right. This way it should cover the base unit and this open shelf.

    (The oven may need lifting up a tweak, but if a drawer front will fit in that gap, I'm pretty sure so will the door to its right.)
  5. SteveMJ

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    I like the flap hinge idea ;-) I think it would be very difficult to cut the recess without removing the oven above, which would be fiddly to say the least. Or am I missing something?

    Cheers, Steve
  6. DIYDave.

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    Good point Steve re cutting hinge recess with oven in place
    Is the oven electric ?
    If so, easy to remove oven to gain access - there may be enough slack in the cable or just disconnect, remove 2/4 screws and pull oven out

    Just out of interest.....How comes you ended up with the gap anyway.....Did you know about the gap before you started fitting
    Is there a cupboard above the oven

    Good luck anyway
  7. SteveMJ

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    Yes the oven in electric - quite heavy IIRC.

    There is a built in microwave above the oven and a cupboard above that. There was a limted choice in the oven units available from this supplier and I had to adjust the carcase as it was. This 100 mm gap was the best that could be obtained in the choice available.
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  9. Mr. Handyandy

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    No fix here, but I can see a lot of pitfalls. The auto-latch for example, as the door/drawer face sits in front, presumably there would be no give to push to activate the latching mechanism.
    Drawer-wise, I don't think you'd be happy as you will surely be frustrated that the drawer does not pull out far enough to get trays in and out nicely.
    Drop-door-wise, you may(probably) would have trouble when the door attempts to drop open, as the bottom would foul the door below, unless you used proper concealed hinges, then they would take up a bit of the limited gap you have.
    And unless you can raise the oven by at least 20mm, I don't think anything of standard size will fit, door or drawer.
    Oh, and the lower door needs adjust
  10. Steve, can the oven be tweaked up a few mm to allow a door similar to the one to the right of the oven to be fitted - as mentioned before? :rolleyes:

    Bottom line - if you do not have enough height for that size of door, I doubt you will for a drawer front either.

    However, if you do have enough height, but you do not want to buy another door (you cheap-skate, you) except a drawer front, then simply attach the drawer front to the existing door using metal plates wot are made for just this type of job.

    So, opening that lower door will open the 'drawer front' with it. And vicky-verka.

    Yes, I know, I have arrived at the two best solutions...
  11. If there chust isn't enough space there for a conventional drawer front, then you are looking at trimming the top of a drawer front down...

    And it should be from the top so's you'll end up with a flat surface that'll fit nicely with the flat bottom of the oven trim. So the remaining shaped edge of the drawer front will match the shaped top of the door below it.

    If trimming, the cut will need making from the front surface so's as not to leave a ragged edge on the front. Planed dead smooth and sanded if necessary, before a matching white melamine strip is bonded on.
  12. SteveMJ

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    Thanks again for all the inputs.

    I like the idea of Satan's "...the drawer front to the existing door using metal plates wot are made for just this type of job. So, opening that lower door will open the 'drawer front' with it. And vicky-verka."

    I did somethng like that for under the butler's sink, where the cabinet was made for a different depth sink.

    I'll offer this option.

    Cheers, thanks for all the advice.

  13. Pleased to see the best advice was taken...

  14. DIYDave.

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    I agree with you D A, er I mean Satan
    A great simple idea, doesn't over complicate the issue but will work and be practical and look good
    Hope the drawer front will fit Steve, let us know how you get on

    With your "pitfalls" Handy, I still think the auto latch will work
    I built a cupboard under the stairs to box in the leccie meter. Used 12mm MDF for the door and planned on using an auto latch on the door so built the cupboard so the door sits inside the frame (that's the point I know you are making)

    Found that with the door closed, it looked a bit bendy so fixed timber door stop around inside of frame for the mdf to close onto. Had to adjust the auto latch to work and the cupboard door sits very slightly proud of the frame now, only by 1mm I would say so probably wouldn't notice

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