Smell from newly fitted washing machine

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    Hi friends
    I’ve replaced an old machine with brand new one, never had a foul smell in utility with old machine, with new one, simply fed the waste from machine into top of the waste poly ( which has a simple U trap at bottom, - now I get a foul smell ONLY when machine is running ( guessing when it’s draining ) recently checked the waste pipe and trap ( no issues there) it simply feels into the foul stack outside
    Any thought please
  2. Wayners

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    Use calgon. Our stinking machine has got really clean and no humming smell now. Takes a few washes but really works
  3. pppmacca43

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    Washing machines live longer with Calgon :D
  4. rogerk101

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    I had exactly your problem with a brand new washing machine a few years back. The company sent around their technicians who changed a few bits and pieces, and nothing changed.
    It was only after a lot of research that I learned that I had pushed the waste pipe too far into the washing machine waste receiver u pipe and it was siphoning the smelly drain water out of the u pipe back into the washing machine, leaving the u pipe empty and allowing sewerage smells into the utility room.
    Check that you haven't pushed your pipe too deep into the water part of the u pipe.
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