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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by hi2u_uk, Jun 10, 2018.

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    when i switch on the washing machine it makes a noise as if it is switching or pushing water through a blockage. The problem is that when this happens there is a strong smell of mould. Does anyone have any ideas about the cause of this and how to stop the smell ?
    I have tried a washing machine cleaner but this didnt help and my machine hot cycle starts with a cold rise cycle so the machine doesnt have a cycle whoch is hot from start to finish.
    The clothes smell fine at the end of the wash and the smell only happens at the start when the machine is switched on. im worried that there is some sort of issue buildng up. the smell from the machine when it starts is so strong that you can smell it throughout the room though i guess its not a huge room :(
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    How is the waste connected? Have seen installations where the layout of the kitchen waste means that some of the waste from the sink makes its way into the washing machine. If your outlet hose is directly connected to the trap assembly, make sure that it goes 'up and over' before the union a) to allow an air break and prevent syphoning and b) so that sink waste is directed where it should go.
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    i dont use the hot cycle often but im sure that when i use it cold water goes into the detergent drawer and then into the drum. I used a dr beckman cleaner that you put in the drum so basically the cleaner in the drum was diluted with cold water before hot water entered. which went against the instructions on the box
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    i remember when it was installed it used to keep filling with water. i called the installation person back twice and the were no use, i evenetually figured this was because of the lack of this swan neck thing which i had to fix myself by making the pipe rise before it entered the sink waste. I will check it hasnt sunk down
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    How old is this washing machine? All modern washing machines fill using cold water these days and only have one ,cold water inlet anyway. Must be some years old if it has a dual cold/hot fill ?
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    it isnt that old its about 5 years and fills with cold water, what i am saying is that the first water that enters the drum is cold water which has first been in the detergent drawer . the washing machine cleaner is in the drum. it does eventually get hot after about 5 mins but by this time all the washing machine cleaner will have gone
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    If machine hasn't drained in first 5 minutes when heating water,then cleaner is still there.

    What make & model is machine.
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    When you switch it on it pumps out any water left in the bottom of the drum from last use before starting to fill. We had a problem with a smelly washer and it turned out to be a failed element. To test, run the washer empty at max temp (probably 95C) feel the front of the door to see if it gets hot. If it does that’s good. Once that is done run it again but this time leave the powder drawer half open and once it starts filling start pouring white viniger in to the powder drawer. You are aiming to get about a gallon of viniger in before it cuts out and starts washing. We had to do this 3 times before the smell went away but now I just do it every 6 months as a top up and the machine doesn’t smell at all. Cheap and very effective solution. Make sure you use White viniger not Malt.

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