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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by mrs erus, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. mrs erus

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    Hi All
    We've recently had a full rewire with a new extension and renovation of the old building,
    We have obviously gone with the mains powered battery back up fire angel SW1-R smoke alarms which interconnect to comply with the building regs, however, the false activations are driving me nuts!

    They're all wired correctly, and work perfectly well when the electric supply is turned off, however, as soon as the supply is turned on, they bleep in the talking to each other nature which seems to continue for absolutely ages, then if they finally quieten, they test perfectly, but at some point in the next 4 hours, usually after about 20, they activate falsely. We think it to be one in particular although when they activated in the middle of the night, we didn't even check which one was going triggering, just turned off the mains supply, do you think its likely a faulty one despite it working ok on battery, or something with the wiring?

    Ive emailed Fire angel but have yet to hear back, I just thought someone may have experienced a similar issue?
    Im not concerned about not being alerted from a fire because we leave them as battery and also have re-enlisted the previous battery ones we had prior to rewire, at the bottom top of the stairs, we just need to get it sorted or our building regs wont get signed off as well as we've had to pay for the darned things to be fitted so want to use them!

    Thanks in advance
    mrs. erus with banging headache
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    Change them for Aico's.
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  4. mrs erus

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    I think we have it sorted, it appears that the leccy didn't follow the correct procedure when connecting each alarm so didn't get the "recognition" phase active. We turned everything off and removed batteries, pressed reset and started from scratch and so far so good... still have earplugs at the ready just in case.

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