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    I have been asked to remove a toilet and sink in an on suit bathroom. The customer wants pipework etc capping off so that it can be reinstated at sometime in the distant future if they change their mind or sell the house. I am capable of changing sinks/toilets/baths, etc, but have never come across someone wanting a toilet out and not replaced. Obviously the soil pipe will need plugging for smell and safety reasons and I need advice on how to go about this. Thanks
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    You mean this here seems odd request. Maybe they have someone else lined up to fit suite or other motive
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    Spot on, perfect.:)
  4. We removed a loo, basin and shower from a small wetroom when we moved in (which was built for the elderly couple who lived there before), and turned it in to a cupboard as that was more useful (and the fact it was built right next top the kitchen...)

    All the pipes were left in situ and the pottery resides in the garage in case the next owner would wish to reinstate. There doesn't have to be any other reason.

    Tho' there could be...
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    Soil pipe plugged with push fit 110 plug, but depending on where it needs to be capped off.
    Pipework, if copper, best plugged off using solder or brass compression caps. Plastic push fit caps best avoided.
    Supposed to avoid dead legs, so consider that, but not always possible. See if you can ALSO fit good isolator valves at source of those pipes, if not already there. But still have stopends for belt and braces safety.
    Good chance you will find somebody else will have installed a new ensuite in a few months
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