So What do you really think of B&Q ?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by jimmylau, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. jimmylau

    jimmylau New Member

    As you have guessed, I've gained access to a copmputer.

    And I would like to know your professional views on B&Q.

    So come-on tell us your worst experiences at B&Q.

    What the difference between B&Q and say Jewsons or Connells ?

    I really want to see your opinions.

    This is not a wind up, its just interesting to know.
  2. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    As I'm a handyman, I need a large amount of single items over all trades. This maked bnq and SFD the place to go for me anyway.

    For tradesman its the prices that make them not want to use it, lack of daily delivery and loss of street cred.;)

    Q 'a sheet of 4mm ply cost £20 in bnq you know'. On the price front the warehouses are getting very close to the trade prices. Get one of the trade pricelists from the tradedesk and you will see.

    I also find the trade card very good (for me). I get free delivery twice a week. Also get 20% off burgers at the van in trafford park!!

    The wood is getting better, but not a patch on a timber merchants. But for all plys (except marine) my timber merchant cant match the price.
  3. Sean Hodges

    Sean Hodges New Member

    B&Q open on a Sunday (and Sat afternoons). I dunno about professionals, but amateurs like me need that kind of convenience far more than worrying about the prices.

    Of course I use screwfix and ********* if there's time to plan ahead.

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  4. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    Thanks for reminding me SH. I go in the evenings or sunday to get materials. Another plus point
  5. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    read jimmy laus previous posts to ascertain whether or not you this is a wind up. hmmm i think i have made my mind up.
  6. nigel

    nigel Guest

    Last time I bought 12mm ply from local supplier cost £5 a sheet.
  7. panlid

    panlid New Member

    jimmy your a very inteligent witty man. and its to your credit that you should wish to spend your spare time annoying little runts like us. i hope your bnq career goes from strengh to strengh:)
  8. Shake

    Shake New Member

  9. dunc

    dunc New Member

    Its full of plump, orange and black, miserable trolls, shambling around trying to look busy and interested in what they do.
  10. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    I've got a Wickes about 30 seconds drive from B&Q so I tend to go there instead. Cant stand it in B&Q, I had a temper tantrum and kicked a load of items off a shelf in B&Q the other week because they stopped selling replacement staples for my gun that I bought from them the previous year. The place is full of Joe Public too, get's on my t1ts wading through the slow ferkers!
  11. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Also, you need to ask them for a VAT receipt before they swipe your card otherwise they cant print one, stupid system!
  12. They're expensive

    The staff are usually surly

    The queues at the tills are unbelievable

    But they do open longer hours than the merchants and can be useful - I had a call Xmas Eve last year, neighbours carpet fitters ahd fixed down some lose boards and nailed the CH pipes 3 times and pulled out the nails. Showers in the living room!! Old pipe work I didn't have enough 3/4" to 22mm to make repairs, made it to bnq just in time
  13. mj

    mj Guest

    i got a lfetime ban from bnq the other day

    some tw*t in a stupid orange t-shirt came up to me & said would you like decking sir, but i was too quick & thumped him first.
  14. r2d2.

    r2d2. New Member

    Does B&Q sell fallopian tube. Need about 6 foot or there abouts.
  15. jimmylau

    jimmylau New Member

    I know, and I think B&Q knows, there is alot to do before they can target the proffesional tradesmen.

    But to do that we need your help to improve our services,and dont say theres no discount, we are quite competitive without discount.


    # Open 7 days a week - till late

    # Trade account up to 60 days to pay

    # free delivery for orders over £50

    # 5% off all pallet prices

    # free coffee machine


    # Lack of staff

    # Lack of main products

    # Slow till operations

    # Ordering system is **

    # Delivery is diabolical

    # PP Pro tools ( own make ) are **

    # Too much advertisement ( its just a Blurr )

    Thats it for now, but I bet theres more....

    Tell me how to improve B&Q ..
  16. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    Sack that jimmylau *****
  17. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    dont worry about these people jimmy, there just cant accept that bnq is the place to be :)
  18. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    The store managers need to get on top of slack staff who are more interested in internal store issues than serving customers.

    I was patiently waiting at the till for a very slow cashier. When I got to pay he starts having a conversation with two work colleague who turn up and start going on about some procedural change. In the way that lightweights cannot understand the most basic things they are getting into a pointless discussion whilst I am waiting. The rest goes like this:

    DWD 'This is very interesting to me to listen to your conversation but could you please complete my transaction?'

    OAF: Not responding but continuing to talk to idiots scans some screws and then realises that I have about six metres of poly rope I have cut from the dispenser. 'How much is this then?' he asks blobs

    DWD: 'Never mind the rope, you scanned those screws twice as you are not focussing on your job'

    OAF: 'Oh Yes, I will delete that' still oblivious to my raising anger. He then digs out the book and proceeds through the book to match the rope to a picture.

    DWD: It is 12m poly rope, six metres'

    OAF: 'Right what is it?'

    DWD: 'Is your hearing aid switched off?'

    OAF: 'What'

    DWD: 'LOOK, can you concentrate on what you are doing for me and I can go'

    OAF: 'Alright, hold on, I am just looking up the price' The other two sensing danger which is being missed by simpleton flock in to help

    Finally we are done and I pay. His eyes are on his pals as he passes me my change and I deliberately move my hand so the change drops. Amazingly he misses this and turns into deep concentration with his mate who says 'Are you coming for a Cig break now Jimmy?'

    I had to wonder Jimmy, was it you?

  19. jimmylau

    jimmylau New Member

    WoW , Marky , You have really spoke out there, well done.

    Sit down , Shut up , and **** Up. D**K
  20. jimmylau

    jimmylau New Member

    I stay clear of the tills.

    But that is wot it is like all the time.

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