So What do you really think of B&Q ?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by jimmylau, Jul 15, 2005.

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    > I am horrified when I see some numptie walking out
    with gas boiler (to self fit?) or a rooflight etc.

    Or worse still, a consumer unit and ten rolls of bell wire
  2. Sage

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    I Try Selco first,

    if no local Selco, then WICKS,

    Never ever Travis Perkins,aint got that type of dosh to spend :)
  3. M Mouse

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    Re: So What do you really think of B&Q ?
    Posted: Jul 16, 2005 7:25 AM Reply

    I know, and I think B&Q knows, there is alot to do before they can target the proffesional tradesmen.

    But to do that we need your help to improve our services,and dont say theres no discount, we are quite competitive without discount.


    # Open 7 days a week - till late

    # Trade account up to 60 days to pay

    # free delivery for orders over £50

    # 5% off all pallet prices

    # free coffee machine


    # Lack of staff

    # Lack of main products

    # Slow till operations

    # Ordering system is **

    # Delivery is diabolical

    # PP Pro tools ( own make ) are **

    # Too much advertisement ( its just a Blurr )

    Thats it for now, but I bet theres more....

    Tell me how to improve B&Q ..

    shut it down?
  4. magical trevor

    magical trevor New Member

    I dread going there but sometimes it is a must, and always in preference to Travers Perkins.

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  5. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    i never shop at b and q i order all my timber and sheets from a local sawmill, order all my fixings etc online and if i go anywhere it is wickes. b and q is dismal
  6. skewfix

    skewfix New Member

    I bought some laminate flooring an BnQ for the small bedroom. 3 out of 5 packs had to be change due to damaged boards.
    Some of the boards were off-cuts that someone had slipped in between some full size boards and returned.
    They exchanged them without any fuss, but what a waste my time (and theirs!)
  7. Cornish Crofter

    Cornish Crofter Active Member

    I buy all my rough sawn timber from a local saw mill.

    Skirtings and the like either come from there, Wickes or TP.

    Everything else gets sourced from TP, B & Q, SFD or the local saw mill, who also stocks some building items.

    B & Q has a number of staff that specialise in being completely disinterested in helping out. However I have received excellent service from one or two people there several times over. I make a point of informing the store manager of this and taking his name.

    Recent complaints;

    1) Ordered a bathroom suite. I phoned up the day it was supposed to be delivered to be told by some young girl on the TRADE DESK that it was the driver's second delivery.

    By the afternoon it was apparent the suite was not going to arrive, so I phone up the TRADE DESK, and spoke to some lacky who coundn't eb bothered to find out what was going on but fobbed me off with an empty promise to find out.

    I then phoned and asked to speak to the store manager who was not in, got put back to the TRADE DESK and spoke to a third person, who did get it with both barrels when she told me correctly that the suite was out of stock. So why I asked was I told to expect it this morning?

    The store manager then got back to me and explained that he knew who had given me the incorrect info, and that it was understandable but inexuseable, as many people get irate with the staff when they're told a delivery is delayed.

    2) Phoned up to enquire about a non slip paint I could used outside. I spoke to someone in the decorating section who told me there was a bitumin non slip floor paint in stock in the building section.

    Went there specially to get it to find that there was no such thing. Went to decorating section to find International Non Slip Door Step Paint!

    If only they had a search facility like SFD on their site that they could use and let their customers use, after all it's not difficult is it!

  8. Synthesiser

    Synthesiser Member

    I avoid BnQ like the plague only going if everywhere else is shut, are BnQ and SFD part of the kingfisher group? use SFD for most items plus a local independent merchant who gives a healthy trade discount, If I'm spending a few grand a month with a supplier I expect better pricing than a weekend DIY er when BnQ Wickes and all the other bods get a good trade scheme going I will brave the automatons who patrol the isles grunting and another thing that rags me off is when only 1 or 2 tills are open and all the automatons are hiding in the garden center bit, shocking lack of customer care at most BnQs, wickes isn't too bad although since tied up with focus prices have gone up.
  9. raymar

    raymar New Member

    Have you not noticed that in B&Q stores since they have taken over Screwfix that most hardware items are double packed.If you look closely at the packaging the item is in a screwfix packet with all reference numbers on it,the outer wrapping is with B&Q markings when you take it to the checkout you are charged B&Q prices. Have a look and see for yourselves.
  10. Bob Uppendown

    Bob Uppendown New Member

    "...Have you not noticed that in B&Q stores since they have taken over Screwfix that most hardware items are double packed.If you look closely at the packaging the item is in a screwfix packet with all reference numbers on it,the outer wrapping is with B&Q markings when you take it to the checkout you are charged B&Q prices..."

    Hadn't noticed that yet.

    As someone who actively trades shares and follows the business patter, I am aware that Kingfisher seem unsure exactly what route to take with 'Buy-and-Queue' and have already spoken of reducing the range of instore fixings. I would rather they ditched the lampshades and Xmas decorations -

    My first port of call is usually Wickes. Though they too are struggling with big-ticket items like conservatories and kitchens, displays for which use a lot of space and don't seem to be paying their way.

    Some B&Q outlets are certainly looking tired. I get the impression they were rather hoping that the longstanding rumour of a takeover by the (US) Home Depot might have materialised before now and relieved them of the need to spend more Kingfisher money smartening things up.


    PS: I met David Quayle in the very early days when it was called Block & Quayle. The contractor I was joining at the time was involved in building their first stores, over 35 years ago.
  11. Bob Uppendown

    Bob Uppendown New Member

    "...B&Q (KINGFISHER), the troubled DIY retailer, turns the screw on its suppliers - almost doubling the number of days they will have to wait for payment..."

    (Sunday Times, 29/1/06)
  12. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    i think bnq is great. I needed a patio heater for a party on saturday night, and a dehumidifier for a job next week.

    Went into the warehouse in stockport on saturday morning and in the clearance area was a patio heater reduced from £150 to £75 and a dehumidifier reduced from £149 to £50 (no box, ex display)

    Super stuff ;)
  13. Stevemastic

    Stevemastic Member

    Oi!!!!!!Handyman. you having a party on Saturday night & not one of you pub buddies has an invite yet ? If I find out, you will be getting internal warmth from that heater with the gas turned off!!!!
  14. royrtp

    royrtp New Member

    Have you tried returning something to HOMEBASE ?
  15. Tommy Walsh

    Tommy Walsh New Member

    I've always found Homebase to be fine for returns, providing you have the recipt.

    They even let you return products that are the wrong colour etc...

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