So what's this forum about then?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Talk' started by Jord86, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. KIAB

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    Sad state of affairs today,kids are too soft,want a easy life,it's too much hard work for them.

    But,there are a few odd ones who are ok,willing to learn & do the work,it's just finding them.
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  2. BikerChris

    BikerChris Member

    I wonder what started that, may be more computers and that?

    Shame there isn't a directory of just decent younguns eh.
  3. Pete Jones

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  4. Tony Goddard

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    Had a few really good apprentices, one went out on his own and I occasionally work with him, a very good Spark. Had two total wasters, one now works as an engineer for BT where messy wiring is the standard and it's all low voltage so he can't kill himself or anyone else, the other joined the fuzz and sit's in the local layby easting burgers whilst waiting for some unlucky sucker to drive past too fast! - they were both nice lads but bone idle!
  5. jimoz

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    Tried a lad out other week. No good. Had an advertisement up in my front but no other takers. Can't even find anyone else to try

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