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    20180711_225051_resized.jpg 20180711_225051_resized.jpg 20180711_201221_resized.jpg Just hoping someone could help me with a couple of issues.. I have a leaking soil pipe in two places from what I think they made a bodge up job reconncting the pipes when the conservatory was fitted. They have Just capped the holes were other conncting pipes would be.
    Its all the waste water from toilet/ bathroom upstairs and kitchen.....spilling onto my drive!

    Issue 1.
    Do I just need a new soil pipe and a saddle boss?They have literally just cut some plastic to block it and siliconed round. Is the lower hole (were the tape is) too low so may need digging out? Oh there is also a pipe running off the kitchen through the conservatory (you can just about see)

    Issue 2.
    After cleaning all the rubble I noticed 2 holes near the concrete base. 1 you can just about see About 2 inch wide. The other right in corner behind pipe. The leaking pipe is also going in this gap.

    I have put a Cain through this gap, around 2 inch drop to the rubble underground.

    How do I cover the holes without the concrete just going straight through the 2ft drop. I'mWorried all the waste water thats leeking is going straight through into these holes (never mind just the rain or rats!)
    I don' have much knowledge of plumbing but any advice would help.

    Hope the pics have been upload had a nightmare uploading them.


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    Totally unacceptable. You should be telling the conservatory company to come and sort it out and if they refuse, give them a warning that if they do not sort ot within 7 days you will employ a plumber to undertake the work and then take action through te small claims court against them for all costs.

    Or maybe, send them a sample of the leakage!
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    Oh forgot to mention....I bought the house house 10 years ago and came with the conservatory. I never use it more for storage really. Holding the pipe today while the kids have a shower isn't a good start to the day!

    I only noticed this week the piping issue....a list of many issues with the house.....full of bodged up jobs. The old owners did.

    I have only just replaced the leading on it annother problem fixed! :)
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    I suggest you get a local plumber or even handyman in to replace that full section of pipe using a single length with bosses where required. A fairly simple task for someone that knows what they are doing. Get them to fill the hole in the concrete too.
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    Managed to get plumber booked in for next week.

    Thanks for your help :)

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