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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Afriwill, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. Afriwill

    Afriwill New Member

    Hi there

    I'm planning am extension and need to re-route the soil pipe from a single toilet above what will be the open plan room. I want the sil pipe to run next to the steel which will then all be boxed in. Can I just sense check my drop.

    It needs to run across a 2.61 meter span which by my reckoning is a drop of 66mm to maintain a 1/40 fall. This makes keeping the soil pipe in line with steel !and getting both in a neat, slim box) tight.

    The regs seem to suggest you could do a fall of 1 in 80 or 1 in 110. Can I go in the middle and for for say 1 in 55 which gives a drop of 48mm and gives a bit more wiggle room around the steel and boxing?

  2. Severntrent

    Severntrent Screwfix Select

    If your fall is better than minimum, no problem
  3. warcs

    warcs Member

    ive done the same and used 1:80, it has been in and working without problem now for 8 months
  4. Afriwill

    Afriwill New Member


    What span does your run at? Also, sid you just clip the pipe to the joists?

    Finally, did you take any pictures so I can steal and ticks you used :)

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