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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by steve nichols, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. steve nichols

    steve nichols New Member

    Help! looking for someone to replace internal cast iron soil stack with plastic soil stack. Stack blocked on Xmas eve and 12 call jetted, lifesavers, can someone recommend anyone. Cash job not insurance. Needs the professional touch. Stack is internal and in a terraced house, no man hole cover on my land, possibly connects to neighbours will check at weekend when we both off work. I am located in Pe302lh, any help or suggestions appreciated.
  2. PLPlanning

    PLPlanning New Member

    Hi Steve,
    The stacks don't generally block, it is usually the drain runs. Are you certain the problem is the Stack? You could end up replacing it, only to find you haven't solved the problem.
  3. steve nichols

    steve nichols New Member

    Drain run is problem, we live in a terrace one from end. Nearest manhole is 15 meters from my property and we are a t off so nearly impossible to rod or jet. Concrete flooring covers drain entry. Want plastic pipe to install jetting point at ground level. Last time it blocked had to jet from roof down soil stack.
  4. Rob_bv

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    I replaced something similar a couple of weeks back - an old internal pitch-fibre soil stack changed to an external plastic one with a new manhole.

    I've done it a couple of times now and each time the bend at the bottom of the soil stack exiting the building has one of the old clay rodding eyes (with the lozenge-shaped lid) within the bend; it seems that over the years these get buried / patios laid over them / concreted over / etc.

    Might be worth having a look, then it should be easy enough to make it more accessible for future rodding.
  5. steve nichols

    steve nichols New Member

    ok, cheers will double check before starting
  6. PLPlanning

    PLPlanning New Member

    Been giving this some thought Steve. I'm assuming that the drain run is external to the house. If the drain run serves not just your house but neighbouring properties, this is known as a private sewer as it is on private land. However the local water authorities have now adopted these sewers, where as previously they were the responsibility of the individuals who owned the land through which they passed.
    This being the case, if there is problem with the drain run, they are responsible for maintaining that drain run. Worth checking this, as the problem might not be yours. As Rob has said concerning Pitch fibre pipes, these are subject to deformation over time. It might be the the drain run is made of this material. If so the water board will often re-line them to get back the clear line of flow.
    Worth checking out. See the PDF attached.

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