SOLAIR 101 303 aluminium patio doors.

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  1. 'ello.

    A mate has these fitted to his 2005 home. They have started to make a scraping sound when opened and closed, and you can see some wear where the top slot in the door sits over the top rail. The door also has some 'play' there - you can push the door inwards a good few mm at the top. You can see the shape worn in the slot in the photos below!

    Anyone know if these doors have rollers along the top as well as the bottom? If they do, then I guess that's what's failed.

    I've written Solair for fitting instructions so's I can help ma mate to take the 'steward apart. Hopefully they'll reply, but does anyone have any info or hints about this - in case they don;t?!

    Many thanks.

  2. Well, thanks - that's all very interesting.

    So, absolutely nobody on here has ever fitted an aluminium patio door? Man, you peeps need to get a life.

    Anyways, the nice lady at Solair has just informed me that it's still under warranty and they'll be coming out to fix it for the cove foc.

    Woooo - just looked outside - the sun's come out.

    Could the day possibly get any better...
  3. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Bragging again?

    "mate" ....Pffft!
  4. Ok, a acquaintance...

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