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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Toku, Sep 26, 2022.

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    I am assuming you are having a laugh....
    Righty ho...just remember that most of the people on here make out that doing anything at all is akin to building a nuclear weapon in your basement. In reality if a DNO did not check for voltage before carrying out any work and had not isolated any part of the grid they were working on they wouldn't have a problem as they would already be dead.

    So the real issue is getting the guarantee enacted....So is the guarantee worth the paper its written on...most inverters only cover manufacturing faults with good reason as the quality of the system install its attached to cannot be warranted by anybody post system install...regardless of how many letters they have after their name. The normal pv route for any type of guarantee is a whole system install and a warranty from the system installer, who then take up your case with the manufacturer if there is an issue.. Have you not noticed just how many installation companies do a pre pack and phoenix install brentford ( made up) becomes Solar installs Brentford...all to escape the liability of aging kit....

    So as you have done a self install you are pretty much operating your own guarantee....unless you can get somebody to mad enough sign off the whole installation and therefore take on the risk...pretty unlikely as you have found out.

    So your risk is not having the correct settings for the inverter to suspend output to the grid, sync frequency and deliver the correct phase...these are pretty standar settings and should be in the manual from the original install. can you not just follow those ?

    I really loved that dilbert if you short out electricity without a fuze something melts ...well doh baby.
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    Quite serious. When I did the installer training back in 2011 that's what I was taught, although the company I was working for at the time decided after we had done the course not to bother adding PV to their operation so never fitted any.
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    Really...when the off switch works just as well....why not just ask the nuclear power plant down the road to shut down for a bit whilst you change a consumer unit....
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    This was while working on the panel side of the isolator.

    Thanks for the sarcasm.
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