Solid conservatory roof - Building Regs needed?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by nellystew, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. nellystew

    nellystew New Member


    I've been getting quotes to replace my converseratory's polycarbonate roof with a solid one.

    Is a Buidling Regs certificate required for this? (especially if I come to move house).

    Some of the companies say yes and some say no o_O

    Also, some of the companies want to replace the current "rafters" with stronger aluminium ones and others will just attach a wooden batten to the existing ones (the insulation and plastering is the same for both).

    Is using the current rafters ok?

  2. sally green

    sally green Member

    call the local council surveyors tomorrow and speak with their duty deak. then take the persons name, date and time the message and ask them to confirm via email if build regs not required.
  3. nellystew

    nellystew New Member

    I emailed them and got a reply saying it would definitely require building regs.
    They said when it was originally built as a conservatory it wouldn't have needed building regs, so no checks would have been carried out to ensure the current structure would adequately support a solid roof.

    I asked the company would said it wouldn't need a certificate how much it would cost for them to get one, they've never replied :);)

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